What is the Purpose of Mini Bottles of Alcohol?

Small or mini bottles of alcohol are popular during a tailgate party. These miniatures are peculiar to some. Despite their uniqueness, their popularity is constantly growing. What really attracts people to these bottles? 

The Handy Mini Bottles

They are small. Thus, they are handy. Even if you go for a hike, you can still carry some bottles in your liquor belt and drink them at any time. You can easily put them in your pocket, too, or your backpack. 

For Tasting 

Many liquor companies make small portions of alcohol for tasting. They can distribute it during an event so people can taste the new flavor. It would also encourage people to buy small portions of an unknown drink to know its taste and evaluate whether or not it’s for their liking. They can avoid buying a large bottle just to taste it. 

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