Wearing My First Wig — 6 Things You Need to Know

Wigs can offer a blanket if you’re suffering from unwanted hair loss. Thus, wearing “my first wig” can trigger a variety of emotions. If you’re feeling nervous about your first time wearing a wig, don’t be. Heed these tips and you’re going to be alright.

How to Start Wearing “My First Wig”?

1. Invest in the Right Wig

Before you even start to worry about how to wear your first wig, you need to invest first in the right wig and accessories. If you suffer from complete hair loss, investing in a wig cap can provide many benefits because the cap can be a protective barrier for your scalp.

2. Adjust to Your Head’s Size

It takes a few days for wigs to break in. Thus, you need to consistently use it for three days so it will conform to your head shape. Since every head shape is unique, it can take some time for it to conform to your head. If you have difficulty adjusting your wig, you must first adjust its straps and go from there. That is, if it’s too tight, spray some water on it to stretch the wig.

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