Establishing Your Diet

You need to set your diet if you wish to build a lean and healthy body, because your body requires specific nutrients to grow after having an intense workout. At Back To Wellness Center, they offer a nutrition program specific for client’s individual needs. The program is effective and easy to implement. To ensure that you are in tip-top shape, you need to establish your baseline diet. It is ideal not to use predictive calorie equations because every person’s metabolism is different. Instead, you should start knowing calculating your intake calories and adjust it from there. Do not worry, because their resident dietitian at Back To Wellness Center will be working with you in establishing your diet and ensuring that you maintain a healthy weight.

If you are planning to lose weight, you need to stop adding calories. Their dietitian will help you identify what foods to eliminate and add to ensure that you are not consuming empty calories that can ruin your weight loss goal.It is vital that you do not remove certain food groups because you assumed they were unnecessary. Instead, bear in mind that some foods are important for your health and avoiding them will only put yourself at risk of suffering from various medical issues.


Protein Intake- At Back To Wellness Center, their dietitian will help you optimize your protein intake for optimal health. Choose to eat a variety of protein sources, like chicken breast, turkey breast, salmon, mussels, chicken sausage, and whey protein, among others.


Fat- You should never cut back on fats, because they are known to provide you with the energy that you need for your daily activities. To achieve optimal health, make sure that you are getting enough fat. Some of the favorite fat sources would include, but not limited it to,  olive oil, canola oil, avocado, butter, flaxseed oil, and cheese.


establishing your dietCarbohydrates- You may think that they will just ruin your diet. But carbohydrates are necessary for your overall health. Without them, you will be at risk of suffering from various health issues. If you are not sure what sources of carbs you must consume, talk to their dietitian about help in establishing your diet and identifying the right carbohydrates based on your current health.

When you properly integrate protein, fats, and carbs in your daily meal, you can be sure you can avoid diseases associated with unhealthy diet. Work with a dietitian to help you establish your proper diet.


Establishing Your Diet