Incorporate a Waistcoat to Your Style

Waistcoats are great pieces to add to your wardrobe. When in a pinch and need to add some spice to your ensembler? Throw on a waistcoat. You can do no wrong just as long as your shoes match. Sometimes men will steer away from adding masculine touches to their outfits; waistcoats, leather suspenders, ties, etcetera. These simple additions can really turn your style around, and it’s unfortunate that they are oftentimes forgotten as options. When people think of waistcoats they think of black tie events, weddings, prom, or other occasions where formal wear is required. Waistcoats shouldn’t be reserved strictly for formal occasions, on the contrary, they can and should be used as casual additions. Not only do they tie an outfit together, but the added masculinity amplifies the attractiveness of the outfit as well.

a Waistcoat

A Short History of the Waistcoat

Men’s waistcoats have been a fashion statement since the 1800s, beginning originally as an adorning “vest.” It was seen as an addition with ornate decoration, often made in bright fabrics. After the French and Industrial Revolutions, ornamentation was a thing of the past, and waistcoats began to be tailed for a more fitted look. Instead of bright fabrics, the look was toned down for colors that matched more daily, casual, or business occasions. Oftentimes paired with similarly colored trousers and a jacket. Men’s waistcoats began to be considered just a necessary piece of an outfit, not the accessory that completed an outfit. By the 1900s the waistcoat became a key part of business dress. Dressing to impress included a waistcoat, or a gentleman might have just seemed lazy. However, the late 1900s shifted the idea of the waistcoat from required to optional, making it a second thought of a piece.

Why One Should Be In Your Closet

While a men’s waistcoat can be optional to your ensemble, it is still a timeless classic. Anyone, man or woman, who enjoys wearing a sharp suit should consider adding a waistcoat as an option in their closet. Formal occasions, a simple business day, or even as a way to add an edge to a casual outfit, a waistcoat can go a long way.

Contact Sheehan & Company for Questions or Orders

Sheehan & Co offers waistcoats in a variety of materials and styles; pinstripe, plaid, canvas, lambskin, and tweed are a few examples. For questions about sizing or order, contact Sheehan & Co. by calling (855) 223 – 3277. Or feel free to fill to email

Badass T-Shirts for a Badass Shopper

Let your T-shirt bring out your inner badass. Badass T-Shirts are always big hits at parties; the more badass the better. Basic and graphic tees are some of the best wardrobe pieces that show off your thought and individuality. They’re fun for you, and for those who see you wearing them. Having text on the front of your shirt draws attention to passerbys, friends, or coworkers. Bring out your sassy side for a casual brunch or bar date. Take it from Sheehan & Company, a top supplied of badass T-shirts. With sayings like “I bite like a shark” and “My momma raised me right” these shirts are really pushing the envelope. They’re edgy, they’re fun, and they help to strike up conversations.

Badass T-Shirts

Bring Out Your Inner Badass

When you’re not sure what to say, maybe put it on a t-shirt. Or let Sheehan & Co. do it for you. Shirts meant to blur the lines between classic and edgy are an investment you can make at any size or age. When you don’t want to stick out by being the loudest person in the crowd, let your badass t-shirt do the talking for you. It’s about time they broke the mold of wearing basic t-shirts that do nothing for them but add a touch of modesty. In a room full of people, a badass t-shirt will add a spark.

Perfect For Your Badass Friends or Family

If you’re not sure you want to wear a shirt that says “Seduce and Destroy,” then maybe your best friend would. And always remember a  little profanity gets the point across at the right times. Friends and family are always happy to receive hip and vintage wear. It’s a great way to keep things light hearted without overdressing for a casual occasion. Wether it’s for a birthday, holiday season, or just because, giving someone an edgy t-shirt will put a smile on their face. T-shirts may wear down over the years, but memories last forever. Give a special someone a fun t-shirt, watch them laugh, snap a picture and hold on to those times for the rest of your life. That’s what these shirts are all about.

Contact Sheehan & Company for a Badass T-Shirt

Not everyone likes to succumb to wearing just a plain white tee. They’re at the day and age where it’s time to break out of their shells and express themselves. Through these badass t-shirts you can do just that. For more size and orders contact Sheehan & Co. by calling (855) 223-3277 or emailing

Have a Blast in a Mens Onesie

You may be asking yourself, “What’s the point of a mens onesie?” And their answer is; to have a great time. This is a classic 1940’s mens bathing suit look that belongs on your body. While giving you the right kind of lift with a dash of sexy, you can pull of a mens onesie without a problem. These onsies can be used as sleepwear, casual, around the house or even for a “tucked in” look with a pair of jeans and a belt. There are a lot of fun ways which you can incorporate a onesie into your style. Weather you’re leaving the house or staying in, don’t let your onesie leave the back of your mind. It will always be there for you to lounge or go out in.

 Mens Onesie

Why Not Have a Mens Onesie on Hand?

Sheehan & Company created this mens onesie to ensure you have a great time dressing yourself. It’s all about mixing masculinity, style, and comfortability. Not to mention; they’re cute. Go for the shorts style or the long pants style, you’ll look cozy in either. The onesie come in a variety of colors and designs. If you have a preference, there’s most likely an option for you. The vintage look is Sheehan’s specialty, and his styles are geared toward past eras.

Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Mens onesies are meant for spicing up your wardrobe, giving you something fun to wear if you ever feel like you’re lacking in that department. Anything from Sheehan & Co can help to bring fun to your closet, all you have to do it put it on while mixing and matching with the right accessories. If a onesie isn’t quite for you, just remember there are a multitude of selections you can choose from. Don’t hesitate to bring some new life to your style and experiment with a onesie look. It’s the little things in life that makes it fun, that includes having a onesie.

Contact Sheehan & Company If You’re Interested In Trying Something New

From badass t-shirts, leather suspenders to mens onesies, Sheehan & Company knows how to bring the edge to your style. If you have any questions about the styles offered, orders, or sizes, don’t hesitate to call (588) 223-3277 or email They are part of one cohesive community of style and festivities, let Sheehan dress you for any occasion.

Stay Classy with a Mens Henley Long Sleeve

A mens henley long sleeve shirt is the way to go when you are stressing about what to wear. On average, how many times do you change your outfit when you’re getting ready for the day, or even a date? If the answer is more than three then we might have a problem. But this can all be solved with a mens henley long sleeve. Henleys are great because they hug tight in all the right areas, and leave a little room where you want. This style of shirt has a great way of accentuating the chest, arms and back. All without squeezing your middle. Perfect for everyday wear, you might as well have a henley on hand for every occasion.

 Mens Henley Long Sleeve

The Perfect Ensemble for a Mens Henley Long Sleeve

Picture this; you’re getting ready for a casual first date. You’ve hardly talked to this person, and perhaps you’ve never met them before. Opening your closet and seeing an infinite amount of choices within can be overwhelming. Do you want to wear a button up or a t-shirt? What kind of vibe is this place anyway? All of these outfit worries can be settled with one thing; a mens henley long sleeve. You can never go wrong with a henley when you’ve planned a casual outing. When you have your henley picked out, the next thing you should go for is a nice pair of jeans, preferably dark. After that, it’s time to complete the outfit with a stylish yes classic pair of sneakers. Think greece lightning, but without breaking into song. All that’s left to do is style your hair, and maybe even through on a masculine watch and there you have it; a look. When your look is complete you can confidently venture out into the world with a pep in your step because you know you’re looking your best. You’re not overdressed, but you don’t look like you’ve just rolled out of bed either.

Great for Men and Women’s Fashion

Henleys are also relatively gender neutral. They can look great on both men and women, which is a glorious fact as we tend to run out of outfit choices due to boredom and being busy individuals. However, a mens henley long sleeve is perfect for quick decisions. They can come in virtually any color and are versatile.

Contact Sheehan & Company for Your Perfect Henley

Sheehan & Company has some of the best henley’s on hand. For a mens henley long sleeve look no further than their selections. For questions about sizes or orders, feel free to contact by calling (855) 223 -3277 or email