Must-Buy Posh Dresses in 2019

New Year is finally here. What does it mean to you posh dresses lovers? It only means one thing — new styles to your closet. At Posh by V, they are busy releasing new styles to give yourself a new look this 2019.

The posh dresses they have here are designed to be worn on any occasion. Whether it is your brunch date with friends or a meeting with a new client, Posh by V got you covered.

Their evening dresses here are always in high demand. Here are some styles that you can have this new year. They are fashionable and definitely trendy.

1. Mesh Pearl Dress

This pearl-embellished mesh dress fits great to anybody. Pearl posh dresses have been in the trend. You might have seen several embellished mesh dresses but this unique dress is a perfect match for any formal events or business meetings.

Apart from being chic, they are also feminine and edgy. To have a complete, feminine look, pair it with black heels. Make sure that you use a clutch and add minimal jewelry. This pearl dress will surely make you stand out.

2. Marque Glam Dress

There is nothing new to describe a sequin dress. It will be the hottest dress you can have in your wardrobe. This glamorous dress is high demand.

Sequin dresses are always trendy and they do not show any signs of getting obsolete anytime soon.

Try this posh dress and pair it with your equally glamorous stilettos that create a more beautiful, detailed evening look.

This silver sequin dress is one of the fashionable evening dresses in Los Angeles today. It is also ideal for petite women as it offers an illusion of virtual height. Of course, the stilettos can help in boosting your height.

posh dresses

3. Goddess Crystal Dress

It is a midi dress that comes with crystal and feather trim. And it is back in style again.

It is your perfect cocktail outfit. Trendsetters are bringing back midi dresses back to style again.

Wear it during the evening hours while you are out for an evening date with your hubby or a formal meet-up with your potential clients.

Make sure to pair it with high heels. But flats may also complete the look. It is a perfect outfit for any woman, regardless of height.

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4. Dime Laced Dress

The laced mini dress has been in the market for many years. It is always high in demand.

This posh dress is definitely a great addition to your evening wear. But wear it for informal gatherings. To finish your look, pair it with black or nude heels and you can definitely compete against the Kardashian’s sexy outfit.

At Posh by V, they continue adding new posh dresses regularly. They received quite a lot of feedback from their shoppers to add new styles. And they did.

Head over to their New Arrivals page and you will find a lot of new dresses, from oversized sweaters to jumpsuit to mini dress. Just make sure you still have some space in your wardrobe. Start shopping their latest posh dresses at our shop.

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