Pet Services West Hollywood: Caring for Your Dog’s Emotional Health

Having a dog at home can have several health benefits. But what if you need to travel for a few days? Who will take care of your pet? Enter our pet services in West Hollywood

Pet Services in West Hollywood to Ensure Your Pet Gets Optimal Care 

One of the situations where our service is relevant is when you need to go somewhere for a few hours and the place you are going does not allow pets. In this situation, our pet sitting service can be trusted. But make sure to book us ahead. 

If you cannot walk your dog, groom it, or care for it optimally, you can hire our service and our pet experts will handle those things for you. Supporting your pet’s emotional health is vital. It supports yours so it is your responsibility to support its own.

When you are away from your pet, it will experience separation anxiety. Our pet service will give you pet quality playtime to relieve its anxiety. We have our pet sitters who can provide your dog with undivided attention to help it feel less stressed out. As for its general health, if you cannot take your dog to its vet for a vaccine, for instance, consider hiring our pet service. We will pick up your pet and bring it to its vet.

Pet Services in West Hollywood


Our pet sitters may not only take care of your pet. You can also hire them to run errands. For instance, if you are away for a few days, our pet sitters can feed your dog, groom it, and walk it. They can also take care of your groceries or pick up your dry cleaning while you are away. However, these services are charged separately. To know more about how to hire our pet service and get a personal assistant, please consult us today. One of the things that our clients like about our pet sitters is that they have a calm demeanor. We understand that some pets can be rowdy. If you hire a wrong pet service, the pet sitter will be impatient when handling your rude dog.

But our pet sitters will maintain composure throughout the time they are with your dog. They never lose their temper because they love animals. They are also well-trained on how to take care of such a dog. Our pet assistants have the right kind of experience to take care of your pets while you are away. We can guarantee you will have a stress-free experience knowing that your pet is well-taken care of while you are gone for a while.

When you hire our pet services, you can be sure of our guaranteed service. Our pet assistants are bonded and insured. We charge our clients per hour. If you purchase a 10-hour package, we can give you a discount. But you should not cancel the service in less than 24 hours as we will charge you with a $25 fee.

If you need someone to take care of your pets while you are away or at work, hire our pet services in West Hollywood. Give us a call at (310) 770-3569.