Tips to Locate an Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Facility

While many people dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction benefit greatly from an inpatient treatment program, care needs to go beyond what will happen during that initial detox and inpatient stage. Once released from an inpatient facility, aftercare becomes a vital part of maintaining sobriety so that you can return to work, school, and your family life. Finding an outpatient alcohol treatment facility is important to you, and there are some basic tips you can use that can help you identify a program that will work best for you.

 Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

Looking for a Nearby Treatment Facility

Ideally, when you begin your search for a facility, you want to choose a program that is in a location that is easy for you to get to. Check in your local area, one nearest to your work, school, or home, so that you know you can get back and forth for your treatment and care sessions without any trouble. If the place is near to you, you are much more likely to keep going to the program so you can get the benefits of the help that is offered.

Checking the Outpatient Programs

Before you commit to going to an outpatient alcohol treatment facility, you want to see what type of programs and therapies they offer. Read up on the services offered by a given program so you can be sure they fit your specific needs. Programs that offer varied therapy options may work best for you so that you and your counselor can select the treatment that will suit you the best. You will then have a better chance of being involved in treatment that gives you the support to help you along in life.

See Their Outpatient Program

At the Summit Estate Recovery Center, they offer outpatient alcohol treatment that can be an ideal option for you. Their facility in Saratoga, California provides the on-going support and treatment so that you can maintain your sobriety and a productive life. You can learn more about their outpatient programs right here on their website, or by phoning them at (866)569-9391 and speaking with a representative that can guide you with their programs.

If you have a non-urgent inquiry, would like to arrange a tour of their facilities in the San Jose area or would like to request a brochure, please use their online contact form to get in touch and they will get back to you as soon as possible.