Understanding NFL Odds for Betting

Every week when the office pool comes around for football picks, you cringe, knowing you have had terrible luck all season and never seem to get to win the pot. The problem you have always had is that you do not understand enough about the odds, the spread and how they all can play important factors on how you should place your bets for the week. Once you can get a firm grasp on understanding, it can make your betting much more productive. Taking a few minutes to understand the basics of NFL odds for betting can turn around how you fare in the office pools or any other betting you get involved in.

NFL Odds for Betting

Reading the Odds

The first thing you should do each week before you make your picks is look at the games and the current spreads. There are any number of places you can find this information, including many websites and your local newspaper. You can see the matchups for the week and see which team is at home and who is the visitor. You can also see what the point spread is for the week. The spread will list which team is the favored team for the week. You can tell the favorite because they will have a minus sign and a number listed next to them, indicating that they are giving up that number of points that week.

Using the NFL Spread

When you are looking at the NFL odds for the week, using the spread will help you to see what teams may be the best to bet on that week. For example, if there is a game between Miami and Cleveland, and Miami is the home team that week, the spread may indicate that Miami is at -10. This means that for you to win a bet if you bet on Miami, Miami needs to win by more than ten points. On the other side, you could bet on the underdog Cleveland, and you would win the bet if Cleveland wins the game or if they lose by less than ten points.

Getting Your NFL Information

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