NBA Picks on Houston Rockets: Will It Win?

It has been a long time since we have seen Houston Rockets won the NBA. Thus, for Tony’s Picks NBA picks, should they select this team? Does it have what it takes to be the next champion?

Houston Rockets as One of Our NBA Picks 

The NBA will begin this month. At Tony’s Picks, they have been gathering their pre-season predictions. Unfortunately, Rockets team is not on anyone’s number 1 list. But it lands on several lists. 

One of its star players, James Harden, might likely to win the MVP. But he is not the favorite to win. He is only at the 9th on Tony’s Picks list. The Rockets had the most turmoil among the many teams in the NBA.

We ranked the Rockets at the bottom five of our list. You might find it amusing because of the team’s standing last season.

The Rockets, per se, have a better record than Warriors. Furthermore, they are fully healthy. They have not laid out their plans yet as to how to win the championship. However, they have designed their necessary moves to beat the Warriors.

As for the other NBA teams to win the title, Tony’s Picks cannot put the Lakers to their top list. The reason for this is that the team does not have a lot to offer.

It might have LeBron James and Anthony Davis. But some of its most valuable players are injured. Thus, they might need Davis to play center but he is not interested in taking the role.

In that case, Dwight Howard, the newly signed player, could take the center play. Unfortunately, he, too, has a serious injury in the past. JaVale McGee could replace Howard. But, he, too, cannot play more than 30 minutes per game.

The Clippers, on the other hand, might find it difficult to combine Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. Both of them have a severe injury in the past. Paul George, for one, had a shoulder injury that interfered with his game last season. Then again, the team might likely to take the title.

As we go back to the Rockets, the team might likely to win the title. But it is at the bottom of Tony’s Picks list. There are plenty of arguments about how Harden and Westbrook could co-exist.

These two are some of the most hated players in the league. But no one can take the fact that Russel is one of the best players today. He is a former MVP with an incredible motor. But no matter what stats he has, he is willing to sacrifice them so he and his team could win.

Some of you might also wonder about the Warrior’s destiny. Tony’s Picks do not believe that the team’s time has come to an end. Indeed, Kevin Durant is out. But the team still has the core 3 that allowed them to win its first title.

However, Tony’s Picks expectations for this team to win the title are low.

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