Are You Dealing With Excessive Sweating? Here’s Some Tips

Heavy sweating (known medically as hyperhidrosis) is an embarrassing, real adverse daily issue for some people. There are effective ways of treating it but finding one that works for you can be a real struggle. Some people feel tempted to move to colder climates or avoid work because of noticeable armpit stains day in and day out. Try these steps before you book your ticket to Antarctica;


One of the first (and easiest) ways to attempt to tackle your underarm issues is through the use of antiperspirants. Most of your run of the mill antiperspirants use aluminum salts that are rolled onto your skin to block perspiration. You can buy these at your local pharmacy or drugstore or get prescription strength formulas through your doctor. Keep in mind that many of the antiperspirants that are sold on the market are combined with regular deodorant. These won’t stop your from sweating but should do the trick to help keep you from smelling. 

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Medical Measures

When the usual means fail you and you are still dealing with excessive sweating your can turn to medical treatments for relief. Some of these treatments include Iontophoresis which involves siting with your hands or feet in shallow water for 30 minute as a low electrical current travels throughout the water. Experts believe that it works to block sweat from getting to your skin’s surface. The treatment is repeated a few times a week and then a few times a month in the future. Botulinum toxin is another option that works through injections. It’s the same as botox used for wrinkles and can be used to treat excessive underarm sweating. It works by preventing the release of chemicals that signals your glands to activate and then sweat. You may find that you need several injections but the results can last up to a year before needing to be done again. If prescription antiperspirants don’t work you can always try an anticholinergic drug. It’s an oral medication that can stop the activation of your sweat glands. 

miraDry Solution

Another way to stop excessive sweating is through miraDry. miraDry is a non-invasive FDA approved procedure that removes underarm sweat and odor in a safe manner. It’s a quick, in office treatment that can result in permanent results. miraDry is relatively painless for the recipient as they receive a local anesthetic before the procedure begins. The miraDry procedure implements mireWave technology. It targets the area where your sweat glands are placed and works to destroy them while cooling the area at the same time. The results of miraDry are immediate and sweat glands don’t return afterwards. This means you’ll likely see an average reduction of sweat by 82% but the amount can vary from person to person. 

If you are interested in ridding yourself of embarrassing sweat stains and odor for good, you can. Contact miraDry at (877) 760-4250 today to learn more about the procedure, costs and financing that may be available to you.

Can Underarm Sweat be Stopped Permanently?

Dealing with excessive underarm sweat can be embarrassing and inconvenient to say the least. It can also be considered a diagnosable condition known are auxillary hyperhidrosis. When you don’t treat it it can control so much of your life. It will influence what you wear, where you go during the day, how you plan your vacations and many other things. For people who suffer from hyperhidrosis, it’s not something that can simply solved with over the counter antiperspirants. When you deal with such an annoying issue that interrupts your daily life you may wonder if there is a way to stop it happening for good. When it comes to hyperhidrosis therapies there are many ways to get the job done. 

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How to stop the sweat

When it comes to excessive underarm sweat, it’s not a one size fits all problem to solve. What might have worked like a charm for a family member, friend or colleague may not work well for you. A lot of solutions that are offered for excessive sweat are not the end all be all. They don’t always solve the problem for every single person who needs then. Instead you’ll see a temporary cease in sweat that isn’t permanent. Even sweat gland removal surgery has the risk of not working for everyone. For this reason it is always best to look at every option out there before making a decision on what might work best for your personal circumstances. The last thing you want is to spend time and money trying to solve your sweat issue only to find that it wasn’t as successful as you would like. Short term solutions and first steps include things like wearing undershirts, changing your diet and medications. However, one of the leading ways of stopping your underarm sweat in miraDry.

miraDry Solutions

miraDry is a laser treatment that specifically targets hyperhidrosis. It works by heating your sweat glands to make them inactive. It’s a rather new technology that was cleared by the FDA in 2015. Yet in those four years its been changing the lives of those that live with excessive sweating issues. miraDry can target about 82% of your sweat glands on average. After you have received a miraDry treatment you underarms should be completely dry for about 2 to 3 weeks. After that time some sweat should return. This is why doctors recommend doing two or three miraDry treatments which are spaced around three months apart. The only real drawback to the miraDry solution is whether you are budgeting for it as treatment can cost around $1,500 each. 

If you are interested in learning more about miraDry and how it can help your excessive underarm sweating you can check out their FAQ section. You shouldn’t have to spend another summer sweating through your clothing and feeling like nothing works! So, be sure to look into their financing options and then get in contact with them to solve your excessive sweating.