Suit-And-Tie for That Class Act

Not so long ago, wearing a suit and tie would have been considered borderline boring. Not so anymore. George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, and countless other male icons have gone and made it fashionable again.

They button the jacket with the middle button and loosen it when they sit down. People love that. It’s the formal-and-freedom look that co-exists inexorably and made so thrillingly easy with guys like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and Trevor Noah. Suit and tie may be network code, but it still looks terrific.

Know how to tie a tie?

The biggest bugbear about the tie is that few men knew how to tie a tie! It used to come out looking like it had been mangled in a dishwasher. And the knot was the subject of many a giggle. Get someone to show you how to do this properly, and you’ll never look back. For many people, if you type “how to” into Google, it’ll auto correct to “how to tie a tie.”

What are the newest trends that you’ll see with suit-and-tie?

  • Sneakers and suits

Not just any old sneakers mind you. Additionally, these are not the kind that you would have worn to the gym.

  • No socks

Looking at the guests on the prime-time talk shows lately? They’re all wearing shoes without socks. Great if you have good ankles and ankles without blisters.

  • The big stretch

You are now seeing denim and chinos that stretch, previously the domain of women.

  • Coloring in the way ahead

There’s a new spin on the standard workplace blue suit. A bright blue suit is a must-have color.

  • Mix ‘n Match

Whereas in the past, the suit ensemble was bought as one item, now different items are purchased at different places, mixing and matching as to how the buyer sees fit.

  • No bar to this item

The tie bar has surged in popularity. However, caution is needed with a tie bar. Wearing the tie-bar incorrectly will create a faux pas. The three main factors to remember: correct placement, correct size/width, proper angle and color. Remember, if you’re wearing a waistcoat you never wear a tie bar as well!


Black waistcoat

  • The semi-formal look

If you’re going for a vintage look, a grey suit, shirt and tie combination with charcoal grey and a black waistcoat is a good mix.

Then, you get the semi-formal look which combines shirt and ties with black denim or stretch and no jacket. What you must do as a rule of thumb is plan for the occasion – whether it is at a workplace, dinner date, wedding or any other kind of occasion.

It makes a world of difference in mixing the right combinations for what will be most useful. Pattern, textile and color design all play their roles, and it’s best to try and not get them mixed up. If so, it could inadvertently look like a mess. That’s not the look you’re going for. “Magnifique” is the look you’re going for.

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 Mens Onesie

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