How to do Fake Freckles

The faux freckles trend continues to be a strong one, and people that do not come by freckles naturally are always on the lookout for effective products to use that can help create the look of realistic freckles. Many of the DIY methods you may read about online are often hit or miss, with some people raving about success while others are disappointed. There are products specifically designed to help create freckles for you, such as ours here at Get Frecked. Finding the best way how to do fake freckles using Get Frecked can lead you to get the best look possible every time.

How to do Fake Freckles

Starting Out with Freckles

When you use our product, you have options as to when you want to apply it. While some people prefer to apply Get Frecked to their bare skin, others prefer to put down a makeup foundation first and then apply, giving them the freckles on top of their foundation. Either application will work well with our product and give you the natural look you want. Get Frecked is designed to be temporary, meaning it will last until you wash it off just as you would your regular makeup, so the choice is yours as to how long you want to keep your freckles.

Application of Freckles

Seeing how to do fake freckles with Get Frecked is easy. Simply dip the applicator into the bottle and start to gently apply the freckles to your face, dabbing them on in any pattern that you like. Once you have dabbed on a few dots, blend the product in with your finger to create the most natural look possible. Blending like this gives you the ability to create different looks, sizes, and depths of color of the freckles so that they look real.

Fake Freckles are an Order Away

Now that you see how to do fake freckles and how easy it is, you can place your order for Get Frecked and get started creating your own freckles. Ordering from them is as easy as using our product. Just go to their product page and order the quantity you want and they will get it out to you as soon as they can. Orders in the U.S. that include more than two items get free shipping, so you can see great savings on your order. Fabulous freckles are just a few clicks away for you so you can look great any time of year. For even more information, call them at (213)632-6977.