How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair? Is there such a thing as washing your hair too much? Sadly, there is such a thing. Washing your hair too much can strip the oil from the hair. On the other hand, if you are not cleaning enough, it can still remove natural oil from your hair as a result of product buildup. The outcome is not to your liking, i.e. gross and yucky. With less washing, you will have stronger, longer hair in the long run. You do not need to use shampoo every day. Once or twice a week is enough. Curly hair may only need to use shampoo once a week. For straight hair, wetting your hair every other day is ideal.

Men Can Also Cut Back- Men with short hair can do with once a week of shampooing. They can scrub their hair using a conditioner on other days. Shampooing hair without using conditioner is not ideal because it will only leave your hair dry. The use of dry shampoo is also ideal.

What Is Dry Shampoo?- It is a dry substance that cleans your hair without rinsing it with water. It absorbs the oil from your scalp and hair. It allows your mane to look fresh as if you washed it. If you are a kind of person who is into organic products, you can choose to purchase and use organic dry shampoos as they contain all-natural ingredients.

The More You Wash, The More It Wears- You may consider your hair as a sweater. The more you wash it, the more it shows signs of wear and tear. Hair strands swell and contract. If you wet them, you are damaging your entire hair. Over-washing can easily backfire. Hair washing history has taken several twists and turns. Decades ago, hair washing was done once a day. During those times, women had their hair done and preserved. It was only in recent years that washing every day was the norm. But it must be corrected. As mentioned earlier, the more you wash it, the more it causes wear and tear. Another great thing about not washing your hair every day is that you are not wasting a lot of water.

how often should you wash your hair

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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?