College Football Picks for the Big Ten

A great number of teams can compete for the Big Ten title. And at Tony’s Picks, they will give you their college football picks. They offer excellent betting predictions. These forecasts will give you some details that will improve your chances of winning something. 

Those who are competing for the Big Ten title this season, they are not all situated in the East. Picking the right team and players could be difficult. But with their knowledge and experience here at Tony’s Picks, they could do the impossible when it comes to college football picks

college football picks

Their Thoughts 

Illinois has a win total of 3. Its defense team was not that aggressive. Furthermore, a horrible injury during the offseason caused the team to lose their best players. Plus, there are some doubts about the quarterback. 

If the team can have a great QB with a young, aggressive defensive line, Illinois could have four wins. 

Should You Pick Indiana

The team has 6 wins and it is consistent in the last few years. In non-conference play, it has won two to three games. But it struggled in the Big Ten plan before completing at  5-7. 

But Indiana can improve its win total this year. It was in 2007 when it won seven games. It can win three against Northwestern, Michigan and Ohio State. 

How About Maryland 

The team is difficult to read. However, the under will be the correct play. Maryland can get four wins. However, the fifth can be difficult to agree on. 

Michigan, on the other hand, has higher chances of going into the Big Ten. They are not seeing this team losing three games in the regular season. 

Ohio remains the most talented team in the Big Ten. However, Michigan has entered the 2019 season with only a few doubts. Michigan might have 10 wins before facing Ohio State. 

For Nebraska, it has 8.5 wins. It has entered the 2019 season with Adrian Martinez, one of the best QBs in the conference. Its offense is getting better compared to the 2018 season. However, they want to know if its defense will also improve. One of its biggest advantages this season is its schedule. 

Then, there is Ohio. It has entered the new season with several changes on its team. It has a new head coach who might help the team in overcoming the precedents that work against them. 

It has a new quarterback, Justin Fields. ESPN ranked him as the top prospect in 2018. On offense, they have four returning starters while one on the offensive line. 

The team has to learn to handle the new system under its new coach and quarterback. Its offensive line requires more time to work together in several game instances to establish unit chemistry that can boost its performance. 

Their Expert Picks

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