Selecting an Online Mediation Training Program

You have decided that you want a career change, or you want the opportunity to grow and advance further in your chosen field. Learning the skills involved in mediation can help put you on a career path that can be rewarding and valuable. Mediation has become more prevalent and used more by individuals and corporations today, and when you have the necessary skills, you can be involved in dispute resolution and be an essential asset to many businesses. Getting the proper training for mediation is a crucial first step for you, and selecting to use an online mediation training program can have some great benefits for you.

Selecting an online mediation training program

Training at Your Pace

In a perfect world, you would have plenty of time to take in-person training classes for face-to-face interactions. Many people find learning to be valuable this way, but in the world we live in today, it is not practical for everyone that wants to learn the crucial mediation skills you will need to succeed. An online program like what we offer at Edwards Mediation Academy is designed to allow you to take classes and do the training at your own pace. The instructional videos we provide can be viewed when you have the time to do it so you can absorb the material in a way that is best for you. This will allow the concepts you are taught to stay with you over time instead of you trying to cram material just for a test or an exam, only to have information fall by the wayside, so it is not there when you need it for practical work.

Online Gives You Class Choices

Going with an online mediation training program also allows you to select the training programs and classes that you want to take when you want and have the time to take them. Many in-person classes or training facilities do not offer a wide selection of programs all at once, making just a few classes available for a limited number of students at once. You may find they do not have the class you want at a particular time, or that you get shut out of programs that filled up quickly, meaning you must wait months for it to come around again. An online program gives you greater flexibility so you can choose the class you want when you want it.

An Online Training Program for You

If an online mediation training program is the way you want to go so you can advance your career, see what they have to offer here at Edwards Mediation Academy. They offer classes taught by experienced instructors with professional experience so that you can get the in-depth study you desire. See the programs they offer and learn more about them on our website and enroll in the classes that are best suited for your needs. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact them via email, the chat function on our site, the contact form on their website, or by calling them at (877) 927-1362.

Bring People Together With Commercial Mediation Training

When you perform commercial mediation, you are hoping to enter a warzone and leave it an oasis of peace. Any form of conflict negotiation can’t make changes overnight, but by carefully working with the conflicted parties, you can bring them closer together and help them to make common ground in the middle of their different viewpoints.  The purpose of this particular type of mediation is to work with parties involved in a dispute, assisting both sides with the ultimate goal of them working together. When you have finished your commercial mediation training, you can start helping people to find a way through their difficulties without requiring legal intervention.

Starting Your Mediation

At the beginning of the mediation process, you will have to meet with the two involved parties separately. This will give you a clearer idea of what is needed to bridge the gap between their disputes. In most cases, the parties themselves will meet with you, which will give you the chance to hear their own words directly. In mediation where one of the parties is a business, HOA or other association, you will most likely be talking to either a senior representative, or lawyers from the company who have authority to negotiate on the corporation’s behalf. In either case, you will have to listen to the accounts of both sides as a preliminary stages of your mediation process.


Commercial Mediation Training

Bringing People Into Mediation

One of the biggest problems that mediation faces is that people are often there as a last resort. They may be there unwillingly, and sometimes they may have already turned down other attempts to negotiate. It is important that you establish why they have come to mediation and what they hope to achieve by attending these sessions. Sometimes, people coming to the mediation session don’t know what to expect and are unprepared. You must be careful not to be too hard on those involved in the conflict, as you have to be a neutral party that both sides can trust. Encourage honesty and a desire to work forward. Make sure that everyone knows that their statements to you are confidential and cannot be disclosed to the opposite party.

Making Peace Between Parties

People come to use for commercial mediation training for a number of reasons. Some are hoping to improve their mediation skills by learning new strategies, while others want to find out more about the basics of mediation, perhaps due to some requirements from their employers. Whatever your reasons for coming to Edwards Mediation Academy for training, you can choose the type of education you want, from basic skills to the more advanced skills necessary for a role as a senior mediator.  Edwards Mediation Academy can improve your career with their training and you can take the lessons you have learned with you into your mediation sessions. Start learning with Edwards Mediation Academy today by taking a sample course, or by contacting Edwards Mediation Academy using their online form, or by calling the team at (877) 927-1362 today.