What You Should Know if You Are Considering Liposuction

Have you been considering liposuction recently? Liposuction is a great way to solve those problem areas at the back of the neck, bottom of the upper arms, double chin, outer thighs, belly, muffin top and male breasts. It’s even used on occasion to sort out areas such as the inner thighs, upper back, and ankles. With an idea of where liposuction can be used its best t know what liposuction really does. We all know that it targets fat, but how? Lipo works to break down and remove subcutaneous fat (the fat that is under the skin) in the areas of the body where it can be annoyingly resistance to good exercise and diet. If you’re considering liposuction, do not confuse it with a weight loss procedure. It’s actually the removal of a ‘pocket’ of fat that hasn’t been responding to traditional means of fat loss (diet or exercise).

considering liposuction

Am I A Good Candidate For Liposuction?

If you are interested in getting lipo done for the problem areas you are probably curious about whether you are a good candidate for the procedure? The best candidates to receive liposuction are people that are healthy, non-smokers that close to their ideal goal weight. The ideal patient for liposuction will have fat that is subcutaneous (between the skin and muscle) not visceral fat which is the layer that’s beneath the muscle around the abdominal organs. When you meet for a consultation a surgeon will spend time evaluating the condition of your skin. Patients that have good skin elasticity will be ideal candidates for considering liposuction. However, patients with cellulite or loose skin are not good candidates as liposuction on these parts may result in dimpled and uneven skin. 


How Much Fat Can I Remove and How Do I Prepare For Surgery?

The general public has a misconception that liposuction is a weight loss surgery when in fact it’s a fat reduction process. The amount of fat that you can have removed in a problem area will depend on many factors. These factors include things like your health and your aesthetic aims which will be discussed with your surgeon before a procedure can be performed. 

When you have been okayed for surgery by your surgeon and have an idea of what/how much you want done they will supply you with instructions for the procedure. Some of the general factors behind this surgery include having someone who can help you to and from the center as well as help with postsurgical needs. There is a chance that you may need to take medications following your procedure such as blood thinners and aspirin. Blood work may be taken prior to your surgery to ensure that you are a good candidate for anesthesia. Lastly, there is typically a period of 12 hours before your surgery where you should not drink or eat. 

Still Considering Liposuction?

If you are interested in learning more about your candidacy for a liposuction procedure you can request a consultation with Dr. Rojas at Venice Beach Surgical Center by booking online or calling (888) 598-0620 today. 

The Best Liposuction Doctors In Los Angeles Offer The Results You Want

The Best Liposuction Doctors In Los Angeles Offer The Results You Want

Choosing a cosmetic surgeon when you want liposuction is far from an easy chore. Most people that are first looking into the surgery have never had any cosmetic procedures performed and may not know a cosmetic surgeon nearby. What can make things more challenging is when you live in a large city area like Los Angeles, where there could be hundreds of doctors for you to select from. How are you to know who is the right one for you based on just a few lines of information you may find on a business card? It will take some work on your part, but with determination, you will find that the best liposuction doctors in Los Angeles use the best and latest methods and give patients the results they want most.

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