Proper Air Conditioning and Your Health

Air Conditioning

When you start to think about the warm weather, one of the first things you consider is your air conditioning. For some people, the AC may constantly run to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. For others, it may be something that only gets used on an as-needed basis, running on the really hot days and not much more than that. In either situation, while the AC is going to provide you with comfort, if your system is not maintained properly it can be dangerous to your health and others in your home. You need to be careful about the use of your AC and make sure you take care of the system the best way you can to stay cool and healthy.

The Health Risks You Run

Most people may not give a second thought to their air conditioning because they simply want it to provide them with the coolness they need at the moment. The problem is that overusing your system and failing to maintain it properly leaves you at risk to numerous health issues. If the system is not kept at its best through regular service and air condition repair, you run the risk of allowing dirt, allergens, and pollutants to enter your home. When this happens, you and your family are more susceptible to health problems like:

  • Fatigue
  • Respiratory issues
  • Headaches
  • Dry Skin
  • Allergies

Since many systems rely on the use of recirculated air to keep the air cool, the poor air quality may be pumping through your home for hours and hours, causing potential health problems for everyone.

Avoiding the Problems

What can you do to avoid the problems from occurring with your system? The solutions available to you are pretty simple and easy to follow. You can try things like:

  • Opening windows and doors to allow fresh air into your home
  • Cleaning and replacing air filters often
  • Turning the system or unit off when no one is home
  • Getting proper annual maintenance checks

Using all of these solutions can help you to vastly improve the air quality in your home and keep your air conditioning running at its best. It is always a good idea to have a professional service come in like American Clean Air and Heating to check over your system and perform annual maintenance. The checks and maintenance can help to clean the system properly, replace any worn parts, replace your filters and keep the system running at maximum efficiency.

It is Worth the Time and Effort

When you take a few simple steps regarding your air conditioning, you can make sure that the system works at its best and keeps you and your family cool. You will also find that you can avoid many of the typical health problems an unclean or poorly running system can expose you to along the way.

Air Conditioning




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Proper Air Conditioning and Your Health