Perfect present for ladies from the secrets of the island

The Best Skin Care by The Secrets of the Island

To bring an end to your skim woes, the Secrets of The Island has the perfect present for you ladies. After hearing your cry and observing the common trends in the market, we embarked on a mission to find the best solution that will address your skin issues once and for all. It was a mission to get a product that you will entrust for a lifetime to keep you skin ever glowing. Your skin deserves the best care that can ever be found anywhere on the planet. It is one of the main things that define your beauty as a lady. For centuries, the native of the Bahamas having using a secret recipe to make a certain type of salt to help soothe their skin after a long day of hard work. They have kept this formula as a secret which has been passed down from one generation to the next in order to keep that rich culture alive. Our team of experts was able to interact with the residents of the island who were generous enough to show them how to mix those special ingredients in order to come up with skin care products for the perfect lady.

The Secrets of the Islands Special Baskets

Packet in a basket, these various beauty products should be at any ladies bathroom who wants to stay forever sixteen. It comprises of several different salts which are made using the traditional recipe developed by the natives of Bahamas. To give them a modern touch, they were made using the latest technology to give them a higher level of purity. There are different baskets from which our customers can choose from. Some of the most common ones are Beach Bum, Deluxe Island Getaway, Island Duo and others. Each basket goes at a different price depending on the type and quantities of the products.You can check the composition of each basket online. For those who have personal preferences, they can our offices and have their basket arranged just how they want it to be.

Secret of the Islands Sea SaltThe prizes for the secret of the island are very friendly to your pocket. Our products go for prizes lower than that of similar product in the market. The advantage of our basket of gifts is that all the products are made from naturally occurring ingredients with no side effects. This is contrary to the modern day skin care creams which are made artificially in laboratories. They tend to have extreme effects especially to people with sensitive skins. Another advantage of using our product is the fact that the scent gives a soothing effect that helps relax the skin and mind. The smells are also known for doing away with smells hence giving you some sort of double action. With so many advantages, this is definitely the perfect gift to you.

It is time to try this old secret on your skin. We guarantee that from the results that you will witness you will form a lifelong bond with these products just like many other ladies who have managed to unfold these secret!!