What To Pack For A Beach Trip and What You’ll Find at PoshbyV

You can take anything to the beach, be it a surfboard, a book or a canoe, but there are a few items you shouldn’t miss out. The ideal beach trip is the one where you soak in the sun, worry-free, and forget the cold of last season. But your ideal beach trip may not happen without the items on the list below. PoshbyV happens to supply you with most of the essentials that you need

Beach Bag

The first item you can’t miss is a good beach bag, mainly for carrying all your beach stuff, but also adding zuzh to your Instagram look. We recommend you go light here, so we won’t suggest rolling suitcases. You’re better off with a straw handbag or a good duffel bag with enough compartments for everything. Leave the suitcase home or in your hotel.


Because the sun is everywhere, and you don’t want to be the sunburnt face girl at dinner later, you will have to carry a hat. Large, floppy hats with wide brims are both classy and comfortable so you can’t go wrong.


Whether you prefer one piece or two-piece swimsuits, you need to carry a pair, whether you intend to swim or not. You can always find a good pair for less than $100, but remember to go with color, shape and fabric that accents your figure (your Insta needs to shine!!) perfectly.

And if you prefer the sexy, daring kind of swimsuit, check out Posh by V’s highly popular Snake Mesh 3-piece bikini set ($40)

coral swimwear

Tops and Shorts

If you’re not planning on stripping to the bare minimums, then you should pack a good set of tops and cover ups too. Softer fabrics make for lighter packing and comfortable dressing, so they’re a perfect choice.

When it comes to shorts, a good pair of jean shorts are always a proper fit for the beach, so pack your sexiest. As an alternative, good beach pants can add credo to your look and still be comfortable. Don’t go for tight pants; they burn you further when sunburn attacks.

The Extras

Don’t leave for the beach without a good towel and a pair of chic sunglasses. You’ll need to dry up after a swim and keep the sun out of your eyes, so don’t leave them behind.

Don’t forget your sunscreen, mainly because it’s the most sensible way you could protect against sunburn. It’s also an easy carry-on, so no excuses there. The SPF factor here depends, but the higher SPF is always better. Plus, your makeup might have SPF too, so pack it too.

Whether you prefer a makeup-free beach experience or would rather die than go to the beach without a deep red lip, it’s important that you carry some makeup in your bag. The essentials mostly, such as moisturizer. The skin gets dry fast under the sun.

Finally, what’s a beach trip without a good book? You don’t have to be an avid reader to enjoy a good book as the sun soaks in. To find the best book, do a simple Google search for the best beach books and pick the best reviewed.

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