College Football Picks for the Big Ten

A great number of teams can compete for the Big Ten title. And at Tony’s Picks, they will give you their college football picks. They offer excellent betting predictions. These forecasts will give you some details that will improve your chances of winning something. 

Those who are competing for the Big Ten title this season, they are not all situated in the East. Picking the right team and players could be difficult. But with their knowledge and experience here at Tony’s Picks, they could do the impossible when it comes to college football picks

college football picks

Their Thoughts 

Illinois has a win total of 3. Its defense team was not that aggressive. Furthermore, a horrible injury during the offseason caused the team to lose their best players. Plus, there are some doubts about the quarterback. 

If the team can have a great QB with a young, aggressive defensive line, Illinois could have four wins. 

Should You Pick Indiana

The team has 6 wins and it is consistent in the last few years. In non-conference play, it has won two to three games. But it struggled in the Big Ten plan before completing at  5-7. 

But Indiana can improve its win total this year. It was in 2007 when it won seven games. It can win three against Northwestern, Michigan and Ohio State. 

How About Maryland 

The team is difficult to read. However, the under will be the correct play. Maryland can get four wins. However, the fifth can be difficult to agree on. 

Michigan, on the other hand, has higher chances of going into the Big Ten. They are not seeing this team losing three games in the regular season. 

Ohio remains the most talented team in the Big Ten. However, Michigan has entered the 2019 season with only a few doubts. Michigan might have 10 wins before facing Ohio State. 

For Nebraska, it has 8.5 wins. It has entered the 2019 season with Adrian Martinez, one of the best QBs in the conference. Its offense is getting better compared to the 2018 season. However, they want to know if its defense will also improve. One of its biggest advantages this season is its schedule. 

Then, there is Ohio. It has entered the new season with several changes on its team. It has a new head coach who might help the team in overcoming the precedents that work against them. 

It has a new quarterback, Justin Fields. ESPN ranked him as the top prospect in 2018. On offense, they have four returning starters while one on the offensive line. 

The team has to learn to handle the new system under its new coach and quarterback. Its offensive line requires more time to work together in several game instances to establish unit chemistry that can boost its performance. 

Their Expert Picks

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Top Playa Vista Real Estate

Playa Vista is a gorgeous neighborhood unto itself. You can find essentially everything you need right here in this one spot: scenery to die for (courtesy of the Pacific Ocean) all the shopping centers you could ever want, plenty of great condos, homes and even fantastic schools. When you drive through Playa Vista, it can be difficult to believe this is a real place. We will talk about some of the top Playa Vista real estate available. Below, we’ll show off some of their most recent fantastic properties.

The Playa Vista Real Estate

They’re always finding new, fantastic properties to offer to their customers. For example, as of this writing, they just added 5625 Crescent Park West #337. With 2,617 square feet of living space, this is an enormous, luxurious location. With two bedrooms and three bathrooms, there’s plenty of room for you and yours to spread out. In fact, should “you” become “yours” while you’re in this property, the downstairs den becomes a 3rd bedroom very simply. With the tennis court, a soccer field, baseball courts, swimming pool, kids’ pool and big time gym, it might simply be easier to list what amenities this location doesn’t have.


That isn’t the only great property that they have inside 5625 Crescent Park West. Indeed, #134 is just as big, but has three bedrooms all of its own. Everything about this property says “warm, “between the hardwood floors and the giant windows which let in all of the ocean side sun. One of the real strengths of this particular property though is the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances, marble counter tops, a breakfast bar that’s genuinely large and so much more – this property is perfect for entertaining friends or family. After you whip up an amazing meal, you can step out to the patio on the main floor to take in your meal.

Playa Vista Real Estate


Seemingly everywhere you go in 5625 Crescent Park West, there’s another incredible property. This particular sophisticated property has a truly open-concept floor plan. That means that the entire condo feels inviting, from the foyer to the great room to the kitchen and everywhere else. With each bedroom having its own patio, this property is perfect for starting the day off right.

Playa Vista Homes

Of course, in addition to condos, they have quite a few great homes available in Playa Vista, too. For some, a home is a better choice than a condo. All of that space can be perfect for raising a family. For example, 12872 Hammock Lane is one of only 22 Trevion homes around. Everything about this place says “casual elegance.” The great room is indeed that, great and large, while the courtyard has a stylish fireplace that truly stands out. Everything about the master suite (and indeed, several other parts of the home) feels like a five-star hotel.

Some of their homes, like 12678 Millennium Drive, even have unique amenities like an elevator. Yes, the elevator at 12678 Millennium Drive is also enormous, which is just one of the many ways that this home is perfect for entertaining. There’s a first-floor open concept living area that can make your place where everyone wants to gather. The indoor / outdoor deck lets you take in the sunset and the ocean breeze. Like many of our other properties, you’ll be close to everything: the ocean, LAX, shopping, dining, entertainment and more.

12668 Sunrise Place is built on one of the largest lots in Playa Vista, and it sure takes advantage of that space. Expansive windows, luxurious master bedroom with a balcony, chic guest rooms – this is one of those homes that truly has it all. As with many of their other properties, this one has the best appliances around. Sub Zero and Wolf appliances are just the icing on the cake. The balcony can be covered, which means that you can enjoy all of the summer sun while still being highly comfortable.

13041 S Icon Circle is, like so many of the other properties they offer, quintessential California living. Lush landscaping is just the beginning of what this property has to offer you. A chandelier, indoor / outdoor living, a gigantic master suite – the only word to describe this particular home is “enchanting.” While many of our properties have a large chef’s kitchen with expansive center island, this one is particularly large. That can make it easier than ever to cook great meals for your family, friends and more.
These are just a few of the properties they offer in Playa Vista. You can check their site to see all of the new ones as they come in. Alternately, you could sign up for their email service. That way, you’ll know immediately when something fantastic and new comes on the market. For more information about Playa Vista homes, call (310) 745-1600.

Are You Looking For Newly Released Books And Authors?

Readers of newly published books often keep their finger on the pulse of the literary world, and they are able to discover new writers and new characters that will inspire them for a long time after they have finished reading. In order to ensure that you get the most from newly released books and authors you should be looking for characters that have the potential to grab your attention, as well as situations and places that will keep you turning the pages of the book. When you are ready to discover new writers, visit her website today to find out more.

Newly Released Books And Authors

Going Beyond the Bestsellers

The majority of fiction readers in the US will never read beyond the latest bestsellers, but they are missing out on great works of fiction that could change the way that they view the world. If you are looking for more unusual books, or want to find something that nobody else has heard of, then new works of fiction are the place to begin. By reading books from new authors who reveal more unusual subjects, characters or situations, you can find something  that will take you out of your own world and transport you to more exotic locations or desperate situations.

The Thrill of the New

When you pick up a book that everyone else is talking about, then you are likely to already know most of the story. In fact, the more you know about a book more likely you are to be disappointed when you eventually come to read it for yourself. This is where reading new authors can be more exciting than buying the latest bestseller. You get a thrill of exploring the unknown, and you can also start talking to your friends and colleagues about this new book that you have discovered. You get to be the one making recommendations to keen readers around you.

Discover a New Writer

If you are searching for newly released books and authors to provide a different experience this fall, then you may benefit from visiting her website and uncovering one of the most up and coming writers in America. They can introduce you to an author of great promise, who can reach you with new and innovative ideas and subjects, turning society on its head and revealing the secrets underneath. To start reading Vivian Badashian now, or to join her newsletter, visit her website today.


How to Find New Fiction Books to Read In 2018

When you are searching for new fiction books to read for the year ahead, then you will need to find something that pleases and interests you. Finding the perfect book means looking for something that contains a spark of interest, an intriguing beginning that draws you in and keeps you turning to the very last page. If you want to find something exciting, then you will need to start looking for a fiction book appeals to subjects you are interested in. For example, if you have an interest in history then you may want to find historical novels that deal with your chosen period.

new fiction books to read

Finding New Literary Fiction

One area of fiction writing that you might be interested in is literary fiction. This is a field where writers can be more adventurous about their topics, and may cover a variety of different characters and geographical locations. If you are searching for an interesting topic, then literary fiction may be one area where you need to do your research before you can begin. As literary fiction can cover so many different topics, you may need to find something that can really appeal to your personal interests within this genre.

Looking For New Writers

If you are keen to find new writers in the field of literary criticism, then looking for new fiction books can be a great way of finding new people, create characters that you empathize with and want to support. A new writer can often introduce you to new ways of looking at the world, or new ideas concerning society and people within it. Discovering these new writers can make feel very excited to be a part of a new world, and you may even be one of the first supporters of a very creative writer that eventually becomes a bestseller.

Getting the Best from New Writers

When you are looking for new fiction books to read, you should be looking for things that interest you and characters that really intrigue you. Something that captures your attention and makes you feel invested in the story can be worth the effort that you make to research and read around before you buy. When you find a new author that is worthwhile, it is a good idea to make a note of their name and keep an eye on them for future publications. For example, if you are enjoying Rise to Sunder, then you may wish to follow the author at her website.