The Indy Pro Bodybuilding 2022 Show: Watch the Next Generation Compete

Do you want to see the absolute best athletes compete in a bodybuilding show like no other? Do you want to watch the next generation of bodybuilding athletes as they ascend toward the top? That’s exactly what you’ll find at our Indy Pro bodybuilding 2022 show on May 14th. This show brings together top talent from all over in pursuit of their dreams, all with plenty on the line. 

As of this writing, there are tickets available at the Indianapolis Convention Center for the show. But, we understand that not everyone who wants to attend will be able to do so. To that end, we’re offering online access. That way, you can watch the show from your phone, tablet, laptop, or any other kind of mobile device. 

The Pursuit of Greatness 

As you may have heard, this show is a national qualifier for the NPC, the National Physique Committee. This is no small thing. Indeed, it’s the opposite. It’s a huge step forward for those looking to take their bodybuilding to the next level. Essentially all of the stars, the great bodybuilders that you’ve heard of, that have exemplified the sport, have done this. Now, it’s up to a new generation to find their way – and you can watch it all godown, live. 

The way it works is that an athlete earns a National Qualification (yes, it’s capitalized for a reason) when they place in the top two of an open class. Once they’ve done that, they can compete for pro status at a national-level event. 

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Remote Therapy: The Benefits and Limitations

Understanding what therapy will work best for you is understanding the benefits and limitations it can provide. You may be interested in remote therapy sessions because you are not able to leave your home, more comfortable facing a therapist online or live in a remote area. Whatever your reasons are, it’s best to understand how online therapy can help you and why there may be limitations in the help that you can receive through remote therapy.


One of the benefits of remote therapy is that if you are a frequent traveler, your therapist is on the go with you, technically. If you are involved in therapy sessions with a remote therapy provider you can schedule your sessions to work around your schedule especially when you are on the road. Some people feel they don’t have the proper schedule to be able to see a therapist on a regular basis. If you are one of these people, remote therapy might work better for you. Having a therapist that you can see in person or by a remote session can give you peace of mind you wouldn’t have otherwise. Some people who receive therapy can be very stressed by the thought that there could be unforeseen gaps in between sessions.

If you have a job that forces you to travel or live in an area wherein climate weather can hinder your ability to go see your therapist regularly, you could go full time with online remote therapy with a service like So Psyched.


Another great benefit of remote video therapy is the flexibility in scheduling. You can schedule appointments that work better with your schedule and can fall outside of regular business hours. If you work in a job that chains you to your desk you may not have the extra time to travel to a therapy session. Those people that opt for in-person therapy usually have to find the time in their evening to fit in a session or go during their lunch hour during work. If those don’t sound like desirable options for you, then you might want to look into video therapy.

Remote Therapy Drawback?

Remote Therapy

As for the potential drawbacks to remote therapy, it may not have the same calming and reassuring effect of in-person sessions. Therapy clients feel a calming presence when they sit down with their therapist. You and your therapist have built a lot of trust in the room where you host your sessions and it could be that remote sessions don’t get you the same feeling. Another drawback is one you will see in other parts of your life; internet issues. If you depend on your therapy sessions solely through remote means you could have times where your internet just isn’t cooperating. We all have been there. Despite how fast our internet is, there are those times that the cat knocks over the router or we are experiencing brownouts due to bad weather.

Taking these considerations into your thoughts about whether remote therapy is for you, will help you make a final decision on the matter. Learn more about this with the team of So Psyched.

Los Feliz Couples Therapy by Grazel Garcia Can Renew your Relationship

In addition to Grazel’s Los Feliz Couples Therapy, she also works with folks in resolving individual issues and concerns.  She has expertise in treating issues related to the LGBQ and trans community. Including folks who are in open, poly-amorous and multi-dimensional relationships.  Grazel also writes WPATH-standard for gender confirmation surgeries. Moreover, Grazel treats issues surrounding depression, OCD, anxiety, addiction. Including sex and love addiction, self-esteem issues, passive aggression, and anger management issues.

Grazel also works with folks who are struggling with medical illnesses, loss, grief, and death and dying.  If you are having issues in your relationships and you want these issues dealt with individually, please call Grazel to schedule an initial assessment.  Starting therapy can be the key to unlocking a better and more fulfilling relationship with yourself and others.

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What is Assertiveness Training?

Assertiveness training is a skills group that focuses on improving behaviors. As a result, it turns into increased self-esteem and self-confidence. Cameron Green facilitates an Assertiveness Group Therapy that focuses on teaching you healthier ways of communicating your needs and feelings to others.  As a result, in this group you will feel empowered to stand up for yourself. Cameron will help walk you through your goals, needs and wants. Finally, he will help you to discover your values and the important things that matter to you.

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Pilates Highland Park to Getting Fit Abs

Pilates Highland Park classes will help you get in shape and achieve better abs. When you attend their classes, it is a great start for you to take responsibility for your overall health. 

Classes at Avenir are unique. So, expect that they can boost your tone, flexibility, strength, and of course, better abs. And if you wish to lose weight, then their Pilates classes can help you achieve it. pilates Highland Park

What Pilates Can Do for Your Fitness? 

It is a form of exercise that aims to help you achieve symmetry and alignment, which are vital factors in your physical wellness. As you have a uniform body with a sound mind, you can easily perform your daily tasks with zest and pleasure. 

Their Pilates classes are quite unique that even some Hollywood celebrities attend their classes. The classes focus on equalizing your body to help you achieve the strength that you need to achieve movement ease. 

Getting in shape with their classes can help you get rid of your couch potato attitude to an uber-athlete attitude. The classes are varied to meet everyone’s needs. You can always adjust your motion or intensity based on your personal fitness level. 

Working with an Instructor

You can start Pilates on your own. That is, you can download some videos from YouTube. However, if you want to get the maximum benefits of Pilates, make sure to work with a Pilates instructor. 

At Avenir, they have Pilates instructors who will watch your moves and find out whether you are doing them properly. Keep in mind that a Pilates move must be executed properly to get their benefits. 

By working out with them, you can get the intended results, i.e. get fit abs and toned body.

Pilates Control and Precision 

Their Pilates Highland Park classes are vital in helping you achieve the signature results of this exercise. The classes aim to address all physical aspects of your health and integrate your mental and emotional aspects of health. 

If you love to try out Pilates, make sure to visit them in Highland Park. Their classes are unique as their instructors designed them to be different from other Pilates centers. 

Furthermore, every class is different. That is, if you attend one class, the next one will be different, although there are similarities. 

They do it to prevent their clients to feel bored. Every class you attend will have a different experience. It will be engaging to motivate you to work out more.

At Avenir, they do more than just yoga. Most of their clients have a yoga background. However, their classes are quite different. The moves that they introduce here come from yoga and Pilates. 

They integrate them to give you something different. The classes do not just focus on fitness but they are designed to give you strength movements and creative impression.

Their classes integrate reformers that can provide maximum comfort and resistance. They aim to give you overall body core workouts.

If you are intrigued, why not try their Pilates Highland Park classes? Give them a call to find out more about their offers: (213) 921-0900.


Mental Health Retreats in California

When looking into mental health retreats in California you are facing one huge benefit, California has plenty of areas with amazing natural beauty that can only help to promote calm and health. A lot of health retreats differ in the activities and treatments that they offer. Mental health retreats have plenty of benefits for the person attending including the ability to create a baseline for their ability to have mental calm. In our day to day lives, we can be tested and tried by stressors and other outside elements that ruin our ability to step back and calm. If you spend most of your days stressed by work, life events, and other factors.

mental health retreats in california

People who spent time at retreats can learn how to better understand themselves and can aim to obtain mental calmness. They can learn what it is to truly relax and disengage from the stressors and struggles of their day to day life. This aspect alone can be incredibly beneficial. When they leave a retreat they are better equipped to understand what means can allow them to become calm and stay centered in that calming mindset. Being able to do this can also help with navigating stressful situations that may arise in the future. Another thing that mental retreats offer is the ability to create coping skills.

You can take your time dring a mental retreat to understand what causes you stress. If you can’t handle the situation that involves group or crowds or have trouble in one on one scenarios a retreat can help you address these things and find ways of coping with them in the future. 

Retreats are also a great way of escaping your everyday life. A lot of retreats are found in areas that are remote and calming. You can turn your phone off and pay more attention to your thoughts. One of the best reasons for involving yourself in a remote retreat program is that you can not only distance yourself from your everyday life but also your everyday problems. It gives you more time to really address your issues without the pressures of needing to have immediate answers.

A final (and one of the best) reasons for attending a retreat is that it allows you to do away with the facade you might put on in your everyday life. You don’t have to be the person that you are in your work life. You aren’t required to put on a front. You can strip away the layers of who you usually present yourself as to the outside world and truly be yourself. You get a chance to focus on your feelings, your true nature and your own well being without the influence of the outside world playing a part. 

If you think that a mental retreat may be a great way to relax and recharge yourself reach out to Iris Healing Retreat today for more information and to schedule a time to get back to yourself. You’ll never regret putting the time in to have a healthier mental state. (818) 435-3936.

Improve Your Well Being with Relational-Cultural Therapy

As you go through life, you may feel more and more disconnected from the world around you. You have a hard time forging friendships, making commitments to relationships, and even connecting with family members like your parents, siblings, or cousins. This disconnect can leave you feeling lonely, depressed, and can cause issues like social anxiety or problems with your self-esteem. You may not know just where you can turn to help you with this problem or if there is anything you can do so you start to feel better about life around you. There are ways available that can be a big help to you, including coming to Grazel Garcia Therapy to take part in the relational-cultural therapy sessions that they offer.

Understanding This Type of Therapy

You may not be familiar with this particular form of therapy and what it can do to help you. Started in the 1970’s, Relational-Cultural theory has been embraced actively by many mental health professionals today. The method puts forth the idea that the relationships in your life act as both an indicator and a healing mechanism where your mental health is concerned. Many individuals come to see themselves as unlovable, unacceptable, or unlikable. This self-image is projected in how they relate to others, negatively influencing and even sabotaging the relationships in their life. The therapeutic approach looks to change this attitude and way of thinking.

How Therapy Can Help

Relational-Cultural therapy can help you in many ways. The therapy works with you to help you create and maintain relationships where both parties involved feel that they matter. As you discover how to feel better about yourself, gain greater insight, and feel more energetic and have a zest for life, you will want to engage in more relationships. You will work to overcome any anxiety you feel so that you can create and foster greater friendships and personal relationships, making you happier overall. Group therapy sessions can be a big help to you as learn to understand more about yourself, feel better about yourself, and work to form stronger bonds and friendships.

relational-cultural therapy

Join Therapy Groups

If you are interested in learning more about relational-cultural therapy and how it can help you, please reach out to Grazel Garcia Therapy. They offer a variety of therapy options, including a healthy relationships group that can assist you in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships in all facets of your life. You can get more information on Grazel Garcia Therapy website about these services, or you can phone their office at (323) 487-9003 to ask questions and book an initial session with a therapist so you can begin to improve your well-being and relationships in life.

In case you have any questions about their services or would like to make an inquiry in writing before making an appointment using their online forms, you can send them a message or email to and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Bring People Together With Commercial Mediation Training

When you perform commercial mediation, you are hoping to enter a warzone and leave it an oasis of peace. Any form of conflict negotiation can’t make changes overnight, but by carefully working with the conflicted parties, you can bring them closer together and help them to make common ground in the middle of their different viewpoints.  The purpose of this particular type of mediation is to work with parties involved in a dispute, assisting both sides with the ultimate goal of them working together. When you have finished your commercial mediation training, you can start helping people to find a way through their difficulties without requiring legal intervention.

Starting Your Mediation

At the beginning of the mediation process, you will have to meet with the two involved parties separately. This will give you a clearer idea of what is needed to bridge the gap between their disputes. In most cases, the parties themselves will meet with you, which will give you the chance to hear their own words directly. In mediation where one of the parties is a business, HOA or other association, you will most likely be talking to either a senior representative, or lawyers from the company who have authority to negotiate on the corporation’s behalf. In either case, you will have to listen to the accounts of both sides as a preliminary stages of your mediation process.


Commercial Mediation Training

Bringing People Into Mediation

One of the biggest problems that mediation faces is that people are often there as a last resort. They may be there unwillingly, and sometimes they may have already turned down other attempts to negotiate. It is important that you establish why they have come to mediation and what they hope to achieve by attending these sessions. Sometimes, people coming to the mediation session don’t know what to expect and are unprepared. You must be careful not to be too hard on those involved in the conflict, as you have to be a neutral party that both sides can trust. Encourage honesty and a desire to work forward. Make sure that everyone knows that their statements to you are confidential and cannot be disclosed to the opposite party.

Making Peace Between Parties

People come to use for commercial mediation training for a number of reasons. Some are hoping to improve their mediation skills by learning new strategies, while others want to find out more about the basics of mediation, perhaps due to some requirements from their employers. Whatever your reasons for coming to Edwards Mediation Academy for training, you can choose the type of education you want, from basic skills to the more advanced skills necessary for a role as a senior mediator.  Edwards Mediation Academy can improve your career with their training and you can take the lessons you have learned with you into your mediation sessions. Start learning with Edwards Mediation Academy today by taking a sample course, or by contacting Edwards Mediation Academy using their online form, or by calling the team at (877) 927-1362 today.


Buying Buick Enclave Floor Mats

Your new car is more than just an investment. Sure, you use it to get you back and forth to work or to run errands, but your car is an extension of you and reflects you personally. When you spend your hard-earned money on your car, you want to do all you can to protect it and treat it right. Causing undue wear and tear depreciates the value faster and takes away from the aesthetics of your vehicle. That is why it makes sense for you to invest in Buick Enclave floor mats that are custom made for your car by them at ToughPRO.

Buick Enclave Floor Mats

Floor Mats for Protection

Floor mats may be something that gets overlooked, but they play an important role in your car. Without them, you will find that your vehicle accumulates much more dirt, mud, and debris than you might imagine. All this debris can start to wear out your car, slowly eating away at the floor, staining it, and taking away from your vehicle’s value. Good floor mats will help to keep debris off the base of your vehicle, so the floor stays clean and dry, maintaining the good look that you want for your car.

Mats That Fit Correctly

You could certainly find generic Buick Enclave floor mats, or even get mats from your local Buick dealer, but they may not be the best for you. Generic mats tend not too fit well since they are designed for use in any car. They may not give you the specific coverage you are looking for or need. Floor mats from the dealer are often outrageously expensive and may cost you hundreds of dollars and still not provide you with the protection you need. You want mats that are designed to fit well and do a great job, and that is what you get from them at ToughPRO.

The Best Mats You Can Find

When you want the best Buick Enclave floor mats you can find, you want to come to them at ToughPRO. Their mats are custom made to fit your Buick and will hold up to any type of weather or climate, giving you the best protection possible. Learn more about their mats and how well they work, and place an online order with them today here on our website so that you can protect your vehicle the best way possible. They can also be reached at (855)901-9888.


Protect Your Lexus ES350 with Quality Floor Mats

Keeping the interior of your car clean is one of those chores most people do not relish, but when you own a luxury car like a Lexus you have invested a lot of money and want to keep your vehicle in the best shape possible. Just maintaining the floor of your car can seem like an impossible chore for you at times as with every passenger on every trip more dirt and debris will enter. Over time, if left alone, this dirt becomes embedded in the carpeting and impossible to clean. You can protect your car by investing in quality Lexus ES350 floor mats from ToughPRO to help keep your car looking its best.

Lexus ES350 floor mats

Floor Mats Made for Your Car

When you buy floor mats from us at ToughPRO, you are getting mats that are custom designed and made to fit your specific make and model of car, truck or SUV. Our mats are made using a 3D scan pattern system so that the mats are created to fit the exact measurements of your car. You will no longer have to fuss around with cheap car mats you get from the store or the expensive but ill-fitting and ineffective car mats you get from the dealer. Our mats are made for you and made to last.

Mats That are Easy to Clean

How many times have you had difficulty in the past cleaning the Lexus ES350 floor mats you have right now? The mats are flimsy, slide out of place, and provide little protection and are hard to clean. Our mats are made so that they are simple for you to install, and our special design grips the flooring to keep that mats in place. The mats are also easy to clean, trapping dirt, mud, and moisture in the ridges so you can simply wash them away and have the mats looking new again.

The Mats that Make a Difference

The Lexus ES350 floor mats you buy from  ToughPRO will make the difference you have been seeking to help keep your interior looking its best. Shop right here on our website using our search engine so you can get the exact mats for the make, model and year of your car. We will get the mats to you so you can start protecting your car and help keep your flooring intact for years. Learn more by calling (855)901-9888.