The Professional Benefits of Using a White Cyc Studio

Have you been thinking of finding a studio that utilizes white cycs? Many professional photographers use a white cyc to create great shots that allow the view to focus on their subject without having a distraction in the background. White cycs can have many professional benefits in your studio shots. They’ve put together a few reasons why scheduling a session with Mack Sennett Studio for your next white cyc session could be a great experience:


When it comes to the type of setting a white cyc provides you’ll get white walls and flooring that allows for natural brightness. This is great for your photo’s flexibility and space. You can bring in your own props,  products or models that will make a statement without a noisy background to cause distraction. 

white cyc

Long Lasting

If you have attempted to use a paper background instead of a white cyc you may have found that they are expensive options that only last a few shots before needing to be replaced. The use of a white cyc wall will help you lower your expense and allow for you to do bigger budget projects with no need to source your own imitation cyc wall. 

Open Feeling

When it comes to using a white space is can be great for creating more possibilities because of its means of creating endless depth. That natural brightness that is being put off by the white can create an energy for your, your subject, staff and the overall shoot. 


When using an ‘endless’ white background is can create a very aesthetic, beautiful image. Surround you subject with such finite color or starkness allows them to take center stage. They become the sole focal point of your photograph or video. 

Time and Money Saving

One of the best uses when it comes to a white cyc is its ability to save you the time and money that would be spent on creating light. With its ability to reflect light it can be its own source and saves you the stress and struggle of having to get the perfect lighting for the shot,


When you are using a white cyc for photography purposes it allows you to immediately isolate your subject. This can be fantastic for composition pieces. 

Permanent Savings

Having a white wall in a studio saves a professional from having to create or pay for other options. It’s a seamless set up that gives photographers so much range. It’s a great way to isolate a subject and can be a time saver in post-production hours when there is little to edit and clean up. 

There are so many benefits to using a white cyc in your studio sessions. However, if it’s not in your budget to purchase one or you don’t have to space in your own studio, come join them at Mack Sennett Studios. They have three different stages to prepare your shots, keep yourself fed and create photographs and videos with unique and professional backdrops. Call them today to learn more about how and when you can schedule a studio session: (323) 660-8466

Make Your Mark with Mack Sennett studios Conference Center in Los Angeles

Hosting a business conference takes a lot of responsibility, and yet it also offers up plenty of opportunities to make a good impression. If you want your hard work to be noticed, you have to wow your bosses and colleagues by booking a conference center space in Los Angeles that is both unexpected and extremely inviting. When you hire space at Mack Sennett Studios, you can get a taste of the glamorous life, and show your colleagues how to really make the most of a work conference.

photo shoot space

A Golden Age Studio Space for You

For a conference space which has more than just the standard four white walls, try some of the amazing spaces available at our unique property. Hailing from an era in Hollywood that many people in LA wish they were in, these spaces create a sense of glamour and style that are often missing from more formal conference chambers. By hiring out these spaces, you can make a big impression on your company, and will make the conference one of the most memorable in your business’s history.

Professional and High-Quality

Of course, Mack Sennett’s traditional buildings and old-world style would be nothing without a high sense of professionalism from their staff. Since developing the building to its current standards, they have been host to a large number of events, ranging from premiers and festivals to wedding parties and conferences. You can rent out one of their stages for your event, depending upon which size will suit you best. Working with them will make your day go very well, and your conference will be much more pleasurable with their teams helping you. Simply organize your day with them, and let their experience and knowledge make your conference much easier to organize.

Book with Them Today

Mack Sennett Studios has risen quickly in the world of Event Venues in LA, and they are now a popular location for many people who want somewhere unusual to host their party or start their event. If you are hoping to make use of them as the location for your conference, then you need to book with them today. Mack Sennett’s Conference center service for Los Angeles business is available for a variety of different companies, from small to large, so start working with them today to make your event go well. Contact them online today, or call them at 323-660-8466 now.

We Are the Leaders in Cool Car Apparel

When you are love cars, trucks and supercars, and you regularly attend events, you need clothing that how much you appreciate being a part of the car world. Moving on from watching Top Gear and other car shows, and starting to attend classic car events or even truck rallies, you want clothing that fits you and makes you feel a part of the scene. When you are looking for cool car apparel online, Garage Goals Official are leaders in the field, and can provide you with great looking outfits to wear whenever you meet with other supercar fans.

 Cool Car Apparel

Express Yourself with Great Clothing

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Wearing Their Clothing Out

Of course, you don’t have to wear their cool and stylish clothing only you go to a car show. In fact, you don’t ever have to go to a classic car event in your life. If you want to show off your love of cars to those around you, then you can simply buy their T-shirts and wear them around the house, on a night out, or even to work on casual Friday. However you want to wear our clothing, it is fine by them.

Find the Best Clothing at Their Website

If you have been thinking about buying great car clothing for a while, and are interested in seeing what they have to offer, then search their website for the different styles of T-shirts and other cool car apparel they have to offer their fans. If you are really keen to demonstrate how much you love cars and trucks, then you could also buy posters and other merchandise from our store, so you have the full set. Whenever you are ready, just put everything in your cart and proceed to the purchase page. For any questions, or to talk to them about our clothing styles, send them a message online through their contact form today.