Chanel Fur Bag — Renting Your First Chanel Bag

If you had to pick one Chanel bag to lease, make sure that it’s a Chanel fur bag or the classic black bag. But is renting a designer bag a good investment? After all, you’re still going to spend money on it. 

Renting vs Owning Chanel Fur Bag 

Chanel has banned the use of fur and exotic skins in their collection. Thus, you can’t buy Chanel fur bags from its boutiques. However, you can always choose to buy it pre-loved. Then again, even if it’s a second-hand item, the price might still be hefty. Thus, your best option is to head over to Luxury Fashion Rentals and just lease this designer bag. 

Is Owning a Designer Bag Overrated? 

You can still choose to own a few designer bags. But you just have to admit it. No matter how beautiful a bag is, there will come a time that you’ll get tired of it. Plus, bags lose their shine at some point. Chanel bags don’t go out of style. But carry a significant price tag. Thankfully, you don’t have to buy and own them just to experience having a luxurious bag on your shoulder or back. You just have to pretend that you own them by leasing one or two. 

You’re Sure to Use It 

When you lease a Classic Chanel flap bag, you’ll actually use it. You might own designer’s bags but are you using them regularly? Pretty sure, you don’t. Many owners of these bags just pack this item away because they’re afraid they get dirty or worn out too quickly. Thus, the expensive bag that’s supposed to be flaunted will hardly see the light of day. 

If you do lease it, you may still be careful not to get it dirty. But you won’t have a problem using it every day. Although you still have to look after the leased bag because you’ll fork out more cash for cleaning and repair, you will choose to use the rented bag regularly. 

No One Will Know It

That’s the beauty of renting a designer bag. You can use it as if you own it and no one will know that you leased it. Bag leasing is acceptable these days. Many people lauded it because bag renting is another effective way to cut down on waste and prevent excessive buying. And if you don’t tell people that the Chanel bag you’re carrying isn’t actually yours, it’s unlikely that they will know you just rented it. 

The Overwhelming Options 

Should you go for a statement bag or the classic one? When you rent different bags, you can try different bags without spending more. The price of renting a designer bag is significantly lower than when you actually buy it. So, you can use different designer bags every year and you don’t have to worry about your spending. 

Where to Start Renting Luxurious Bags? 

To help you get started, you should visit Luxury Fashion Rentals. You might not see a Chanel fur bag but you’ll find dozens of other options.

Chanel Vanity Bag: Just Some of What We Offer

Have you been looking for designer handbags, but aren’t sure which ones to choose? Does it seem like the best designer handbags, the ones that you want, are just out of your price range? Now, they don’t have to be. With our Luxury Fashion Rentals site, you’ll be able to rent the handbags that you want when you want. To show just some of what we offer, we’d like to highlight one particularly popular bag today: the Chanel Vanity Bag, the Chanel Medium CC Filigree Vanity Case Bag. As you’ll see, there are plenty of reasons this extraordinary bag should be highlighted. 

Chanel Vanity Bag: Vanity Redefined 

No, the bag doesn’t have the name “vanity” because of how it looks, but, if a bag could feel vain, this would be a bag that would be utterly justified in doing so. With the leather lining, it’s as sturdy as it is gorgeous. The “Caviar Leather” material it’s made out of it more than lives up to the name of “caviar leather.” The “beige and black” color design matches perfectly with the gold hardware. Truly, it includes everything you’ll need: it even has a lock and key set as well as a clochette. 

Carry Elegance How You Want 

One of the major reasons that this bag is so popular is that you can carry it how you would like. That means you can carry it cross-body, of course, but you can also grab the short handles and carry it like a tote. The signature woven chain leather strap looks amazing on your shoulder, too. The refined edges of it make sure that it feels as comfortable to carry as it is gorgeous to look at.

Stylish Inside and Out 

Inside the bag, you’ll find plenty of room. Anything you can imagine carrying in a vanity bag you can carry in here. You’ll find that there’s one central zip compartment as well as two large compartments, too. You’ll find a slot pocket as well, so you’ll be able to carry what you need to carry in this bag, too. Indeed, so many of our clients use this bag in a variety of situations. It’s perfect for professional obligations and events, of course. But you can also travel with it on vacations, too. Basically, if you want to look better with a bag, this can make it a reality. 

More Than Just Vanity Bags 

We’re quite proud to be able to offer this bag and similar products to our clients. That said, we have far more than just this bag available. Indeed, you can rent backpacks and so many more kinds of designer handbags from our site in just a few minutes. To see everything that we have to offer for any kind of event, just head to our site today.

What Chanel Bag to Borrow, If You Have the Option?

When you have decided to borrow a Chanel bag so you have something luxurious to wear for your friend’s wedding, make sure it’s the Flap bag. It’s one of the most iconic handbags in the history of fashion. The bag’s design has changed over the years but it remains on top of the list of Hollywood stars and supermodels. 

Borrow a Chanel Bag — Make It the Classic Flap Bag 

Coco Chanel first designed it in 1929. At that time, she didn’t know it would become one of the most iconic designer bags in the history of fashion. Although the first Classic bag is a little different from how it looks today, it was first hand-carried. But it was the first designer bag for women with a shoulder strap. This was a significant detail because it liberated women from the constraints of the clutch. 

Freed Up Her Hands

According to Wikipedia, “Coco Chanel became tired of having to carry her handbags in her arms and decided to design a handbag that freed up her hands. Inspired by the straps found on soldiers’ bags she added thin straps and introduced the resulting design to the market in 1929.”

The Signature Double CC Lock 

It only made it to the scene in the 80s. Karl Lagerfeld added it to change how the bag looks as we recognize it today. Then, this classic bag had the all-chain strap, which remains today as a classic vintage style. 

Double Flap 

At a fraction of the price, you can rent one of the Chanel Double Flap bags. You can find it in different colors, like beige and black. Regardless of the color of the bag you pick, you can be sure that it will go well with whatever dress you wear. The burgundy flap, on the other hand, is the perfect option if you wish to wear it in autumn. It can chic up your attire. 

Handle Flap 

Handheld structures became a hit in the runaway. Thus, it’s no surprise that celebrities and supermodels love to wear Coco Chanel Handle Flap bags. The vintage structures simply add instant sophistication to any attire. This classic bag can easily up your style, no matter how simple it is. there’s something about this bag that even the Duchess of Cambridge would opt for this lady-like bag with most of her outfit. 

The Wallet on Chain 

You also can’t go wrong with the Gabrielle Wallet on Chain by Chanel. It’s a bold yet classy bag that lets you stay chic without putting too much effort into it. This luxury handbag has the minimalistic style that you would want to wear every day. Since you’re borrowing it, you don’t have to spend extra money on it. 

Rent Them at Reasonable Prices 

Accessorize your look without spending more on luxury handbags. Try to borrow a Chanel bag from our collections and we can guarantee you’ll be the envy of your colleagues.

Online Shop Posh offers Glamorous Wear all Year

One of the most difficult to do in matters related to fashion is to find glamorous wear that fits you perfectly. While you might need to spend a good chunk of money and time to find the right ones, the attractiveness of a glamour girl is worth it. 

Fabulous new clothes contribute a lot for you to look great. Posh offers glamorous wear all year round, giving you a chance to inspire many people around you. 

Here is what you need to know about glamorous wear. 

Classic clothes

Classic clothes with classic cuts reveal the line of your body. Therefore, invest in clothes with exceptional quality that are soft and smooth. Since glamour is mostly about sophisticated and elegant, consider choosing clothes from Posh. 

Try to avoid clothes that are too old or messy. It’s essential to select the image you want people to relate to, while looking glamorous. 

There are various ways you can look glamorous and you must follow the specific elements of the image you are portraying.

Avoid too fancy clothes

While you can dress casually and appear glamorous at the same time, you must not wear a long dress every time you want to go out. 

You don’t want people to think that you are going for some sort of a ceremony when you just want to go for a walk. 

Look for a pair of black skinny jeans and a silky top to look elegant. If you have most of your clothes with great quality and special color or design, you will appear stunning at all times. 

Do proper shopping

The key to owning a fabulous wardrobe begins by knowing how and what to shop. This is especially true if you are the type of person who takes shopping more like a hobby than a process you have to understand to make the correct fashion decisions. 

Whether you’re shopping online or in a brick-and-mortar store, the first thing you need to do is to check the general look of all the clothes. Try to analyze the store by checking the prices and the fashion style of the clothes on offer. 

If the quality of the clothes is excellent, then you have found the right place to do your shopping.

Glamorous Wear

Type of clothes that look good on you

Not all clothes will look great for your body because people have different body shapes. The most desirable body type is probably with hourglass-shaped women. This is because they have balanced proportions with a small waist. 

Most of these people require clothes that will simply enhance their body shapes such as the waist. 

For pear-shaped women with medium-sized midsection part and small shoulders, they need to create an illusion that they have wider shoulders, making it necessary to wear large neck-openings.         

Contact PoshbyV!

PoshbyV has a variety of glamorous clothes to wear all year round. If you are looking for clothes with high-quality, their online catalog has everything for you. Their clothes have different styles suitable for any occasion. 

A USA based online boutique, which also ships Posh glamorous wear throughout the world. To get more information, visit their website to see their range of posh glamorous dresses.

What Are Headshot Requirements?

If you’re looking to get professional headshots you might being doing so to meet specific requirements. If so, it’s a good idea to get those requirements down to the specifics. It will help the photographer you’re working with ensure the requirements are met.

Headshots for a New Website

A common milestone calling for new headshots is often a new website or website redesign. You might be working with a web designer that is going to post your headshots to a specific web page. First, be sure your web designer doesn’t just post tiny thumbnails. If you’re investing in professional headshots, they should be showcased as such and not wasted. Read the full article here.

The Ideal Place to Buy a Diamond Ring: Your Local Pawn Shop

You may not think of shopping at a pawn shop when you consider buying an engagement ring for your partner. However, pawn shops can be the perfect place to source your next diamond and choose jewelry for the people in your life. You don’t have to go to an overpriced big box store for your next big diamond purchase. We’ve put together a few reasons why shopping for a diamond ring at a local pawn shop may be a better idea.

Diamond Ring Local Pawn Shop

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Posh Dresses at Posh By V – The Best Buys

Summer is coming up, and so are the wardrobe changes. This season promises to be a wonderful one and that includes fashion-wise. In true PoshbyV form, the online fashion retailer has already sensed the wind and stocked up on the sexiest, trendiest and cutest posh dresses for you to choose from.

There are every size, color, and material, so you’ll be lost for choice. So, as always, all their dresses continue to be affordable. If you want to looks as chic as the celebs on the red carpet, PoshbyV has just the dress for you.

These are some of the best posh dresses to buy at this season.

Asara Crystal Ombre Dress

Asara Crystal Ombre Dress (black)
Asara Crystal Ombre Dress (nude)

If you haven’t seen the Asara Crystal Ombre dress from PoshbyV, you haven’t seen anything. The crystal-filled exterior is real and adds a classy elegance to your look. While the tight-fitting design coupled with the attached inside bodysuit embraces your figure fully and projects sexiness and allure.

You’ll want to get this look before it’s gone, and for now, you can choose between the nude and black versions at only $68.99!

posh by v asara crystal ombre dress posh dresses

The Raine Satin Lace Dress

Raine satin lace dress (N.yellow)
Raine satin lace dress (Sky)

This lace insert satin dress feels smooth and comforting on the skin and beautiful on the eyes. It covers your top just so, but then features a beautiful and sexy design around the upper chest and waist area that you will love.

It’s perfect for the club and other sexy evenings, and works best if you are looking for a less-splashy but glam look. Get it in small, medium or large, and in Sky or N Yellow at only $42.99

posh by v Raine satin lace dress posh dresses

The Slit Dress

Mona cheetah slit dress (Orange)
Mona cheetah slit dress (Lime)
Rosa slit dress (Green multi)
Rosa slit dress (Blue multi)

If you’re going out to the club or a party, there’s no better look to express your sexiness and smartness than the Slit dress by PoshByV. It’s, thigh-length, fully lined and comes with a slit across your boobs that makes them stand out and peek a little. Get the Mona Cheetah Slit Dress in Orange or Lime, or the Rosa Slit Dress in Blue Multi or Green Multi at only $33.99 today!

Posh By V Slit Dress posh dresses

Italia Crystal Gown (Black/Gold)

This particular number exudes so much elegance and sexiness that you won’t want to step out of it. With a long skirt, gold and black designs and long arms, you’ll look perfect for that dinner or red carpet. Its dazzling meshwork around the chest gives your sexy cleavage room for the view, and who doesn’t want that? Get it at only $89.99 before it runs out.

If you’re looking for sexy, chic and flirty women’s wear, there’s no better place than Shopping with them is a thrill from the get-go, as you’ll love everything you see. Their fast shipping and return policies are the reason shoppers love them. Visit their site in detail to start shopping today. There’s something for every taste and size.

posh by v italia crystal gown posh dresses

Shop for these posh dresses and more styles at their site.


Look Great At Any Time With Our Women’s Top Range

A couple of years ago, there was a revolution in the way that women dressed, with the reintroduction of the capsule wardrobe. Many women still believe that the more clothing they have in their wardrobe, the more options they have for different outfits, but while it is true that a big wardrobe will be able to meet your needs whether you want business or casual styles, in fact these wardrobes filled to bursting may leave you feeling confused, and result in you buying even more close to try to fill a gap that you think you have. You can start your capsule wardrobe today by finding some essential women’s top styles which will go well with everything.


Read more on their facebook.


What To Pack For A Beach Trip and What You’ll Find at PoshbyV

You can take anything to the beach, be it a surfboard, a book or a canoe, but there are a few items you shouldn’t miss out. The ideal beach trip is the one where you soak in the sun, worry-free, and forget the cold of last season. But your ideal beach trip may not happen without the items on the list below. PoshbyV happens to supply you with most of the essentials that you need

Beach Bag

The first item you can’t miss is a good beach bag, mainly for carrying all your beach stuff, but also adding zuzh to your Instagram look. We recommend you go light here, so we won’t suggest rolling suitcases. You’re better off with a straw handbag or a good duffel bag with enough compartments for everything. Leave the suitcase home or in your hotel.


Because the sun is everywhere, and you don’t want to be the sunburnt face girl at dinner later, you will have to carry a hat. Large, floppy hats with wide brims are both classy and comfortable so you can’t go wrong.


Whether you prefer one piece or two-piece swimsuits, you need to carry a pair, whether you intend to swim or not. You can always find a good pair for less than $100, but remember to go with color, shape and fabric that accents your figure (your Insta needs to shine!!) perfectly.

And if you prefer the sexy, daring kind of swimsuit, check out Posh by V’s highly popular Snake Mesh 3-piece bikini set ($40)

coral swimwear

Tops and Shorts

If you’re not planning on stripping to the bare minimums, then you should pack a good set of tops and cover ups too. Softer fabrics make for lighter packing and comfortable dressing, so they’re a perfect choice.

When it comes to shorts, a good pair of jean shorts are always a proper fit for the beach, so pack your sexiest. As an alternative, good beach pants can add credo to your look and still be comfortable. Don’t go for tight pants; they burn you further when sunburn attacks.

The Extras

Don’t leave for the beach without a good towel and a pair of chic sunglasses. You’ll need to dry up after a swim and keep the sun out of your eyes, so don’t leave them behind.

Don’t forget your sunscreen, mainly because it’s the most sensible way you could protect against sunburn. It’s also an easy carry-on, so no excuses there. The SPF factor here depends, but the higher SPF is always better. Plus, your makeup might have SPF too, so pack it too.

Whether you prefer a makeup-free beach experience or would rather die than go to the beach without a deep red lip, it’s important that you carry some makeup in your bag. The essentials mostly, such as moisturizer. The skin gets dry fast under the sun.

Finally, what’s a beach trip without a good book? You don’t have to be an avid reader to enjoy a good book as the sun soaks in. To find the best book, do a simple Google search for the best beach books and pick the best reviewed.

If you’re planning on a beach excursion any time soon, there’s no better boutique to get your beach essentials from than PoshbyV, a cool online boutique curated by some of the stylish ladies on the internet. They’ve got everything from sexy swimsuits to tops and shorts, and all for under 100! Check out their store now!

Suit-And-Tie for That Class Act

Not so long ago, wearing a suit and tie would have been considered borderline boring. Not so anymore. George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, and countless other male icons have gone and made it fashionable again.

They button the jacket with the middle button and loosen it when they sit down. People love that. It’s the formal-and-freedom look that co-exists inexorably and made so thrillingly easy with guys like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and Trevor Noah. Suit and tie may be network code, but it still looks terrific.

Know how to tie a tie?

The biggest bugbear about the tie is that few men knew how to tie a tie! It used to come out looking like it had been mangled in a dishwasher. And the knot was the subject of many a giggle. Get someone to show you how to do this properly, and you’ll never look back. For many people, if you type “how to” into Google, it’ll auto correct to “how to tie a tie.”

What are the newest trends that you’ll see with suit-and-tie?

  • Sneakers and suits

Not just any old sneakers mind you. Additionally, these are not the kind that you would have worn to the gym.

  • No socks

Looking at the guests on the prime-time talk shows lately? They’re all wearing shoes without socks. Great if you have good ankles and ankles without blisters.

  • The big stretch

You are now seeing denim and chinos that stretch, previously the domain of women.

  • Coloring in the way ahead

There’s a new spin on the standard workplace blue suit. A bright blue suit is a must-have color.

  • Mix ‘n Match

Whereas in the past, the suit ensemble was bought as one item, now different items are purchased at different places, mixing and matching as to how the buyer sees fit.

  • No bar to this item

The tie bar has surged in popularity. However, caution is needed with a tie bar. Wearing the tie-bar incorrectly will create a faux pas. The three main factors to remember: correct placement, correct size/width, proper angle and color. Remember, if you’re wearing a waistcoat you never wear a tie bar as well!


Black waistcoat

  • The semi-formal look

If you’re going for a vintage look, a grey suit, shirt and tie combination with charcoal grey and a black waistcoat is a good mix.

Then, you get the semi-formal look which combines shirt and ties with black denim or stretch and no jacket. What you must do as a rule of thumb is plan for the occasion – whether it is at a workplace, dinner date, wedding or any other kind of occasion.

It makes a world of difference in mixing the right combinations for what will be most useful. Pattern, textile and color design all play their roles, and it’s best to try and not get them mixed up. If so, it could inadvertently look like a mess. That’s not the look you’re going for. “Magnifique” is the look you’re going for.