Bay Window curtain Tracks

The Flex Track is the most trusted supplier of all types of curtain tracks around. We offer a wide selection of tracks and their accessories at the most reasonable prizes. The company entered the market to solve the problem of dealing with cheap low quality imports and provide the residents with the most comprehensive tracks and assorted fasteners. Over the years, we have developed from a small company to the current size through creating a sense of trust in our customers. Our products currently reach market all over The United States and its neighbors. This has seen us establish some well known players in various industries as our permanent clients. The company is in the process of further expansion in order to send our products overseas.

The Flex Track

We deal in all colors and shapes of tracks. At our branches, you will find straight and flexible curtain tracks in different sizes. The flexible tracks are easy to bend yet strong enough to support itself and the weight of the curtain. For those clients who want to have a different touch, we also have options for customized tracks. You only need to give a details description of the tracks and our technician will come up with a concise drawing of the desired shape. Our sales agent will be more than willing to demonstrate to you how to install them. We also provide installation services to customers who are within. Nevertheless, the process is simple and direct hence no specialization needed. This was taken care of during the design process to make sure that tracks and its accessories are easy to assemble and dissemble therefore making their maintenance direct.

Price Considerations by The Flex Track

Considerations are made to the mode of purchase that our customers make. You can buy as either a wholesale or at retail at either our outlets or online. To encourage on bulky buying, we give hefty discounts on all whole sale purchases. We also recognize our established clients who are also liable to special offers for all our products. The prizes we charge for the tracks are the least that you will ever find around in comparison to the quality. We also encourage retails shops who would like to be one of our outlets in effort aiming at increasing customers reach. In this digital era, we have not been left behind. We have easy to navigate online page where our customers can have a closer look at our products without having to move around. Here they can make order, pay and wait their basket to be delivered at their doorstep.

The Flex track has taken it as our duty and responsibility of ensuring that the market is fed with the most affordable high quality tracks. Be free to ask around on the reliability of items. You can also check the company reviews and read testimonials from clients who we have supplied our items to. You can reach via our hotline number where one of the staff will just be waiting to address your needs.

Our company is the ultimate solution to all your curtain track problems.