Safe, Secure Body Piercing in Tempe and Elsewhere

Have you been thinking about getting a body piercing in Tempe? or the surrounding area but don’t know if it’s entirely safe to do so yet? Are you researching where to get your tattoos done and want to make the right decision? These are choices not to be made lightly. It’s your body, your look, and your health. At Best Studios Ever, no matter which of their offices you go to, you’ll find that their top priority is always the safety and security of their clientele. 

Continuing COVID-19 Protocols 

All of Best Studios Ever’s professional staff members have gotten the vaccine. If you haven’t, stop reading this and go get it now. That said, they continue to meet and exceed all of the local and state health authority guidelines for re-opening. That means wearing masks, social distancing (where possible), and, for the most part, making appointments ahead of time so that there’s only one customer or so in the studio at any one time. Also, It’s hard to enjoy your new tattoo, piercing, body jewelry, and similar if you’re very sick. By taking all appropriate measures, Best Studios Ever does everything they can to ensure the safety of their staff and clients. 

Body Piercing in Tempe: Safety Before and After 

Safety has always been a priority at Best Studios Ever, and that was true long before the pandemic as well. Moreover, when it comes to piercings, Best Studios Ever always recommend that everyone come back in three to four weeks after they receive their piercing for a check-up. Not everyone knows this, but a majority of piercings have to be “downsized.” That means that one of their trained, experienced piercers inserts a shorter barbell, a smaller ring, or something similar that fits more comfortably. Best Studios Ever sees it as one more way to make the entire process that much safer for their clients. 

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Taking Care of Yourself Before and After a New Tattoo 

A tattoo can is one of the best decisions a person ever makes, a new way to express exactly who they are. That said, it is a procedure. Aftercare does include healing and taking care of yourself. In the immediate wake of getting a tattoo, treat yourself as if you had a procedure (because you did). That means drinking plenty of water, getting quality rest, making sure you’re well-fed and properly nourished, that kind of thing. Your tattoo artist will provide you with more extensive aftercare directions as well. 

The Best Studios Ever for Your Look body piercing in Tempe

Best Studios Ever wants everyone who walks through their doors to have the best experience possible. A significant part of that: they promote equality and acceptance in every single way possible. There is no room for discrimination there, and they will not tolerate it. It is just as important to Best Studios Ever that their staff and every single one of their clients feel safe and respected when they are in their studios as it is that they stay safe and secure there. To schedule an appointment, visit Best Studios Ever site or call (480) 784-4460.