Change Your Complexion with Temporary Freckles

We all can find features that we are unhappy with when it comes to our complexion. For some people, it is that they do not have the same glow or the same soft, delicate skin that they see on others. It may be that you wish you had something that would help your complexion stand out and get noticed. While makeup can certainly be used to help you enhance your eyes and lips, and blush can change your complexion, if you want greater depth and detail perhaps freckles are the best answer for you. You can change your complexion quickly and easily with the use of the temporary freckles you can get with the help of Get Frecked.

Temporary Freckles

Freckles That Last

Unless you were lucky enough to be born with the ability to get freckles on your cheeks easily, finding a way to get that freckled look might take some work on your part. There are all kinds of products on the market today, but many of the products you see online or in your local drug store or department store give you very temporary looks that will quickly fade away or even wash out when you go to the beach or the pool. What you want is a product that will give you a lasting look, so you do not have to constantly re-apply and reuse product.

Easy Application of Freckles

The temporary freckles you can get when you use Get Frecked are much easier to create and apply than if you were to try to recreate a freckles look with other makeup products. Instead of spending an hour or more trying to get just the right look with your makeup, Get Frecked allows you to use our easy applicator to dab on and blend in the freckles, so they look perfectly natural on your skin. Best of all, the product is made to last so your look will stay with you for days.

Sport Your Freckles

Getting temporary freckles to change your complexion is easy when you order from them at Get Frecked. Read more about them and their  product here on their web pages, and then place an order of your own for their product so you can start using it right away. If you ever have any questions, you can always call them at (213)632-6977, and they will be happy to help you make sure you have the fun, fabulous freckles you want.

How to do Fake Freckles

The faux freckles trend continues to be a strong one, and people that do not come by freckles naturally are always on the lookout for effective products to use that can help create the look of realistic freckles. Many of the DIY methods you may read about online are often hit or miss, with some people raving about success while others are disappointed. There are products specifically designed to help create freckles for you, such as ours here at Get Frecked. Finding the best way how to do fake freckles using Get Frecked can lead you to get the best look possible every time.

How to do Fake Freckles

Starting Out with Freckles

When you use our product, you have options as to when you want to apply it. While some people prefer to apply Get Frecked to their bare skin, others prefer to put down a makeup foundation first and then apply, giving them the freckles on top of their foundation. Either application will work well with our product and give you the natural look you want. Get Frecked is designed to be temporary, meaning it will last until you wash it off just as you would your regular makeup, so the choice is yours as to how long you want to keep your freckles.

Application of Freckles

Seeing how to do fake freckles with Get Frecked is easy. Simply dip the applicator into the bottle and start to gently apply the freckles to your face, dabbing them on in any pattern that you like. Once you have dabbed on a few dots, blend the product in with your finger to create the most natural look possible. Blending like this gives you the ability to create different looks, sizes, and depths of color of the freckles so that they look real.

Fake Freckles are an Order Away

Now that you see how to do fake freckles and how easy it is, you can place your order for Get Frecked and get started creating your own freckles. Ordering from them is as easy as using our product. Just go to their product page and order the quantity you want and they will get it out to you as soon as they can. Orders in the U.S. that include more than two items get free shipping, so you can see great savings on your order. Fabulous freckles are just a few clicks away for you so you can look great any time of year. For even more information, call them at (213)632-6977.

Custom kitchen cabinets Orange county ca

There are not cabinet makers in orange county Ca that can satisfy my requirements for kitchen cabinet. Is this you’re thinking just because you have visited a number of stores and can find the kitchen cabinet you have in your mind? If yes, then all hope is not done yet. You can still have that kitchen cabinet you want. The solution is here, please read on!

Best of the West Options

There are a number of factors that people look for when buying a product. For kitchen cabinets, these factors include the size of the cabinet, the materials used, its usability, the design and style used, and more importantly, the number on the price tag. If none of the ready made kitchen cabinets you have come across in orange county Ca meet your requirements, then there are a number of options you have. One, make it yourself and two, have it made for you.

kitchen remodel


The first option is rather limited because making a kitchen cabinet is not everybody’s cup of tea. The art and skill of making appealing kitchen cabinets that will meet its uses as well as stand the test of time requires most often a combination of expertise, training, and talent. If this is not your profession, then the second option is more viable for you, moreover, it is not often that you find a Berber doing his hair, do you?

Best of the West Option 2

The second option involves sitting with a professional cabinet makers, explain to him/her your preferences for a kitchen cabinet, and make sure they have understood then have a kitchen cabinet made to suit those particular specs. This is in essence have a custom made kitchen cabinet or what many may refer to as placing an order. There are two option for custom made kitchen cabinets, you can have it made in your house then installed or have it made in the cabinet makers stores and transported to your house for installation.

The first option is best suited if you are still in the process of constructing the house and there is humble space for the carpenters to work and more importantly, if the carpenter-firm has the flexibility to allow for on-site services. More often, this will attract an inflated pricing for the services. However, it is the best if you are providing the materials to be used in making the cabinet in particular, the wood. The second option is rather common and its major demerit is the fact that it involved logistic which means there is possibility of the cabinet being transported from the makers-warehouse to your house.

One of the places where you can turn to for custom kitchen cabinets in orange county Ca is The Best of the West Kitchen Cabinetry. This is one of the most successful firms for making kitchen cabinets and it is run my well trained, experienced, and credible second generation carpenters and cabinet makers in the county. What’s more, the services of the company are not only in Orange County, but the west of California including Riverside County. The pricing of custom kitchen cabinets from this company have highly affordable, and the company his highly flexible in that, you will get your specific pricing depending on the custom cabinet you need. So, why not call them today and get a custom price for your custom cabinet?

Best of the West Kitchen Cabinetry OC  Gallery

Vintage Jewelry Beverly Hills

“How will I make a out-of- this world proposal?” “What is the ultimate gift that I can give out to make a life lasting impression?” if you could be having these or similar questions, calm down, the answer is just here. Elegant Past is a jewelry store that will help you connect with the past and bring out the romantic part of you. The store sell centuries old rings and other beauty assorted that have been passed from generation to the next of the top class. The good news is that in the current world, there are no limitations and anyone can buy them as the perfect prize for the perfect lover. These ornaments were sculptured from the finest material that could ever be found. Each stage in making them was given maximum attention to ensure that the quality was above the least allowable. From cutting of the fine details to the polishing to achieve that reflective characteristic, this is a true measure of how sophisticated humans can be.

Elegant Past Engagement Ring1

Elegant Past Engagement Ring1

Visit our shops to see for yourself the various designs we have from which you can select you can make perfect ring which will make you irresistible. The customer service agent will help you make a more informed choice by giving a detailed description of the particulars of the rings or the other available designs inform of bracelets, earrings and others. This is not just any other shop you can find along the streets. It is like a treasure centre where the rarest gifts can be found. Check in anytime or visit out online pages and select a gift that can make your love drool as they look the piece of art in your hands.

Fair Prices by Elegant Past

All precious things do not come cheaply. Your must work tirelessly of pay a clumsy amount in order to get them. However, these vintage jewelries come at surprisingly fair prices. You can afford them without a twinge in your wallet. And given that money is not an issue when you want to surprise your lover, the prices we charge for such a quality doesn’t need you to have a second guess. These are some of the most exclusive products that can ever be found in the market at such a price. We accept various form of payment if your schedule is a bit tight.

Hand Selected Choices by Elegant Past

You can choose to have the product delivered to a point of convenience which could be your office or residential address. Over the years we have ensured that we maintain reliability and trust given the type of goods we trade. So you can be sure the maximum care possible will be given to ensure that your design get to the said address safe and in the right form. Go ahead and spice things up with a century old artifacts. The jewelries we sell are the modern definition of an ideal present to the perfect love. Just remember that such product can only be found at our shop only. Make an effort to acquire one before they run out of stock!

Perfect present for ladies from the secrets of the island

The Best Skin Care by The Secrets of the Island

To bring an end to your skim woes, the Secrets of The Island has the perfect present for you ladies. After hearing your cry and observing the common trends in the market, we embarked on a mission to find the best solution that will address your skin issues once and for all. It was a mission to get a product that you will entrust for a lifetime to keep you skin ever glowing. Your skin deserves the best care that can ever be found anywhere on the planet. It is one of the main things that define your beauty as a lady. For centuries, the native of the Bahamas having using a secret recipe to make a certain type of salt to help soothe their skin after a long day of hard work. They have kept this formula as a secret which has been passed down from one generation to the next in order to keep that rich culture alive. Our team of experts was able to interact with the residents of the island who were generous enough to show them how to mix those special ingredients in order to come up with skin care products for the perfect lady.

The Secrets of the Islands Special Baskets

Packet in a basket, these various beauty products should be at any ladies bathroom who wants to stay forever sixteen. It comprises of several different salts which are made using the traditional recipe developed by the natives of Bahamas. To give them a modern touch, they were made using the latest technology to give them a higher level of purity. There are different baskets from which our customers can choose from. Some of the most common ones are Beach Bum, Deluxe Island Getaway, Island Duo and others. Each basket goes at a different price depending on the type and quantities of the products.You can check the composition of each basket online. For those who have personal preferences, they can our offices and have their basket arranged just how they want it to be.

Secret of the Islands Sea SaltThe prizes for the secret of the island are very friendly to your pocket. Our products go for prizes lower than that of similar product in the market. The advantage of our basket of gifts is that all the products are made from naturally occurring ingredients with no side effects. This is contrary to the modern day skin care creams which are made artificially in laboratories. They tend to have extreme effects especially to people with sensitive skins. Another advantage of using our product is the fact that the scent gives a soothing effect that helps relax the skin and mind. The smells are also known for doing away with smells hence giving you some sort of double action. With so many advantages, this is definitely the perfect gift to you.

It is time to try this old secret on your skin. We guarantee that from the results that you will witness you will form a lifelong bond with these products just like many other ladies who have managed to unfold these secret!!

Bay Window curtain Tracks

The Flex Track is the most trusted supplier of all types of curtain tracks around. We offer a wide selection of tracks and their accessories at the most reasonable prizes. The company entered the market to solve the problem of dealing with cheap low quality imports and provide the residents with the most comprehensive tracks and assorted fasteners. Over the years, we have developed from a small company to the current size through creating a sense of trust in our customers. Our products currently reach market all over The United States and its neighbors. This has seen us establish some well known players in various industries as our permanent clients. The company is in the process of further expansion in order to send our products overseas.

The Flex Track

We deal in all colors and shapes of tracks. At our branches, you will find straight and flexible curtain tracks in different sizes. The flexible tracks are easy to bend yet strong enough to support itself and the weight of the curtain. For those clients who want to have a different touch, we also have options for customized tracks. You only need to give a details description of the tracks and our technician will come up with a concise drawing of the desired shape. Our sales agent will be more than willing to demonstrate to you how to install them. We also provide installation services to customers who are within. Nevertheless, the process is simple and direct hence no specialization needed. This was taken care of during the design process to make sure that tracks and its accessories are easy to assemble and dissemble therefore making their maintenance direct.

Price Considerations by The Flex Track

Considerations are made to the mode of purchase that our customers make. You can buy as either a wholesale or at retail at either our outlets or online. To encourage on bulky buying, we give hefty discounts on all whole sale purchases. We also recognize our established clients who are also liable to special offers for all our products. The prizes we charge for the tracks are the least that you will ever find around in comparison to the quality. We also encourage retails shops who would like to be one of our outlets in effort aiming at increasing customers reach. In this digital era, we have not been left behind. We have easy to navigate online page where our customers can have a closer look at our products without having to move around. Here they can make order, pay and wait their basket to be delivered at their doorstep.

The Flex track has taken it as our duty and responsibility of ensuring that the market is fed with the most affordable high quality tracks. Be free to ask around on the reliability of items. You can also check the company reviews and read testimonials from clients who we have supplied our items to. You can reach via our hotline number where one of the staff will just be waiting to address your needs.

Our company is the ultimate solution to all your curtain track problems.

Comfortable Insoles for Women

While men and women both spend a great deal of time on their feet today, women seem more likely to have problems with their arches and foot pain because of the types of shoes they wear. The dress shoes and heels women wear for a large portion of the day can lead to all kinds of problems with the feet, including painful arches, foot pain, plantar fasciitis and other foot issues. If you are looking for ways that you can provide a greater level of comfort for your feet and improve your overall foot health you may want to consider the use of insoles for women to help you out.

Getting the right insoles for your shoes can make a big difference in how you look, feel and walk each day. The right insoles will offer you a much greater level of comfort while you are on your feet all day and no matter what types of shoes you may be wearing. Insoles are available in a variety of makes and styles today, but you may want to spend some time looking at insoles that are more custom than what you can get at your standard drug store. Many of these inserts are made simply from foam materials and rubber and are not meant to hold up well, providing you with little in the way of comfort and support. You may have more of an interest in the custom orthotics you can invest in.

While some people may be put off by the notion of getting customs insoles, they do not have to be as expensive as they have been in the past. Instead of seeking out insoles that you need to have custom-fitted, there are those that are available that can actually mold to the contours of your feet so they are just like a custom insole without having to pay the custom price and go through a fitting. You can then get the relief you are looking for so that your feet feel better and you do not have painful and tired legs and feet at the end of each day.

Women of all ages can benefit from having comfortable insoles for their shoes. It can provide you with the ease and comfort you want to help you get through long days you spend on your feet and you can find that instead of spending hours or even days complaining and worrying about foot pain you no longer have the issues you had.

Arch Support That Works for Foot Comfort


If you are like most people today, you likely spend a good amount of time on your feet all day long. From the moment you step out of bed in the morning to the time you go to bed at night you are running around at home, work, school, tending to the family, errands and so much more. All of this can take a toll on you physically, particularly when it comes to your feet. Many people today find that they wake up each morning with foot pain or painful arches because they spend so much time on their feet without taking proper care of them. If you find yourself having this problem, you may want to take a look at getting yourself arch support inserts for your shoes so you can have greater comfort.

While you may find generic arch supports available at your local drug store or supermarket, these may not really provide you with the help you are looking for the most. Many of these items are simply made out of sponge-like material or foam rubber and will not hold up well over time, wearing out quickly and leaving you right back where you were before. However, you can find custom inserts available that can provide you with much better support.

Custom inserts conform to the shape of your feet so you can be sure that you are going to get the support in your arches that you really need. The custom inserts can give you the support you need most in your arches and help you to improve your posture so that your feet and back will feel better. The inserts also work to provide relief from issues such as calf pain, plantar fasciitis and overall foot pain and fatigue.

When you look at inserts such as this it is good to know that there are custom options available to you today to provide you with an idea insert to give you relief. Best of all, with advances made in technology today you no longer have to go through a process of being personally fitted for inserts like this, a process that could end up costing you hundreds of dollars. There are inserts that are moldable so that they adjust to your feet perfectly in order to get the help you need without having to go through all of the expense.

David Graeber | Storytelling in Glass

Decorative Glass Paperweights

Every piece of glass art that David Graeber makes begins with a good story. Whether he’s in the mood to pay tribute to a former professor, remember a family member, or document the life journey of a silkworm, each of his works aims to relay a personal reflection or his love of nature.

Graeber, born in New Jersey, has grown into part of a South Jersey glassmaking tradition that dates back to the 1700s. Here, glassworkers were eventually recognized for their skill in creating glass paperweights.  They began to incorporate glass designs into the traditional community values of home, church and country.

Graeber’s Apprenticeships | Vail & Stankard

In the late 1980s, Graeber had the opportunity to act as an apprentice for George Vail, a local artist and professor, who introduced him to  to woodworking, architectural reconstruction, commercial art, and forensic sculpture. Graeber met internationally acclaimed glassblower Paul Stankard in 1980, considered the father of modern glass paperweights, who invited him to work as an assistant. The opportunity afforded Graeber time and space for creative freedom. After years of encouragement from Stankard and other mentors, Graeber finally established himself as an independent glass artist in 2009.

Contact The Glass Gallery

If you have questions regarding Graeber’s work or are simply interested in obtaining more information aboutThe Glass Gallery and its current exhibits, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re the world’s premier dealer of fine art glass paperweights and boast a collection of antique and contemporary paperweights from all over the world. Call us at 314.416.4200 for additional information or send an email []

French Origins of Decorative Glass Paperweights

Classic glass paperweights were originally popular between 1845 and 1860 in central France. The French glass factories of Baccarat, Saint-Louis and Clichy produced approximately 25,000 weights during this time, but they quickly lost popularity as handwriting letters became more and more of a novelty.  The first-ever World’s Fair in 1851 London showcased glass paperweights; the exhibit drew crowds so large that the fair eventually had to ration viewing time.


American Independent Studio Glassblowing Movement

It wasn’t until the mid-1900s that paperweights re-emerged as a popular art form when Charles Kaziun, Jr., began to produce glass buttons, paperweights, inkwells, bottles and elegant lampwork. Eventually, the independent studio glass blowing community was born as several U.S.-based studios emerged, creating distinctive lines of work. Some of the more notable studios included Orient and Flume, Correia Art Glass, St. Clair Glass (now called The House of Glass), Parabelle Glass and Lundberg Studios.

Most of the floral paperweights from the mid-20th century featured unrealistic cartoonish flowers. Eventually,Paul Stankard, considered the father of the modern glass paperweight, emerged with his former assistant, Jim D’Onofrio, to create exceptional floral glass paperweights so realistic that the public often believed that they had actually encased live flowers within the orbs.

Privileged Paperweight Collectors Through Time

Today you’ll find an enthusiastic community of glass paperweight collectors around the globe, several of whom host national or regional conventions, tours lectures and auctions. Some of their more famous predecessors include French writer Colette; Irish author Oscar Wilde; American writer-actor Truman Capote; Napoleon III’s wife, Empress Eugenie; Maximilian I of Mexico’s wife, Empress Carlota; and Farouk, King of Egypt.

Midwestern real estate mogul, Arthur Rubloff, called “the man who changed the face of Chicago,” may very well be considered the most famous collector of paperweights. Rubloff’s collection is considered the finest in the world and can be seen at The Art Institute of Chicago. Today, some of the most sought-after paperweights sell at prices above $300,000.