Outfit Ideas for Chanel Top Handle Bag

Any Chanel bag is a major investment. But the good thing about this brand is that you can wear it with any outfit. There are endless possibilities when it comes to this luxury bag. Chanel top handle bag is one of the designer bags that increases in value as the day goes by. 

Chanel Top Handle Bag: Function Over Fashion 

Most Chanel bags are fashionable. But unlike other luxury brands, these bags are also functional. Coco Chanel, for one, decided to add straps to her handbag so she can have her hands free. 

Outfit Ideas for Chanel Bag 

As mentioned, it’s not that difficult to style yourself when you decide to use this bag. And if you’re renting it, you can use different styles every month. 

Casual Outfit

As mentioned, Chanel bags are fashionable. But it doesn’t mean that you should only wear them on certain occasions. Because of their functionality, though, you can use them with your casual outfit. Yes, any Chanel bag can go with your day-to-day wear. In that case, if you wear a sweatshirt, a Chanel bag can be a form of accessory. You can even wear sneakers to complete your casual look. If you want a more feminine look, though, wear a neutral cardigan. But if you wish to be too casual, opt for a simple pair of jeans and a clean white t-shirt. Then, add a utility jacket in the mix to make you look chicer. 

Office Wear 

In addition to wearing it with your casual outfit, Chanel bags can also be worn as workwear. Your Chanel bag can be flaunted when you go to work. Pair crisp denim with a classic blazer and use a Chanel bag as an accessory. If you choose to have a more feminine look, opt to carry it with dresses. 

Any Season Outfit 

Whether it is spring, winter, or fall, your Chanel bag will always make you look fashionable. The one thing to love about this luxury brand is that its bags’ chain straps are pretty long. Thus, you can put them over your jacket, during winter. Choose to wear leather leggings in the cold season. Or simply go with jeans and cozy weather. Along with your Chanel bag, wear your Gucci belt to tell the people around you that you mean business. 

Fashion Trends

No matter what fashion is trending now, a Chanel bag can easily mix with the trend. Regardless of your style, you can’t go wrong with this bag. And if you are only planning to use this bag once or twice a year, don’t bother purchasing a new bag. Instead, rent it from Luxury Fashion Rentals. There are various options to choose from. One of the benefits of leasing a luxury bag is that you can change it every month without spending extra. 

Lease Luxury Bags 

Renting a Chanel top handle bag is always a good idea, especially in these times of rising prices. Choose your luxury bag at Luxury Fashion Rentals and make sure to check it out before you leave. 

Top 5 Mini Shot Drinks to Have for a Party

What’s a party without drinks? Right? But if you’re worried that your guests will get drunk, try serving mini shots. They are minuscule bottles that can give your body enough alcohol but not more than enough to make you intoxicated. But what drinks can you fill your mini bottles with? 

Mini Shot Drinks to Have for a Party 


It doesn’t matter what party you’re having. Be it a go-away party, a reunion with your friends, or a wedding celebration. Beer is your safest bet. Most of your guests can tolerate beer. You can serve dark or light beer. Or you can have both to ensure that you have something that suits the taste of your guests. If you can grab a locally crafted beer, then that’s an excellent choice.

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Sexy New Orleans Female Strippers Near You

We know what you’re thinking, “Finally, a service I’m actually interested in.” At Party Strippers 24/7, we believe in providing our clients with high-quality on-demand entertainment they can depend on. Long gone are the days of waiting in line, expensive drinks, and unenthusiastic dancers. With our services, you can select the sexiest New Orleans female strippers in your area for your next big event. Here’s what you need to know.

New Orleans Female Strippers Are a Cut Above the Rest

We’ve all been to lackluster venues with entertainers that don’t want to be there. Maybe you threw a couple of dollars only to find you weren’t getting your money’s worth. Not in New Orleans! The female dancers in this city are sexy, nimble, and ready to please.

With our on-demand services, you’ll find female strippers ready to entertain you and your guests. You’ll love every moment when you use Party Strippers 24/7. You can receive the adult entertainment you want and deserve, regardless if it’s Wednesday night poker or a bachelor party.

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Types of Tree Removal Brentwood services

To maintain the balance of nature, tree removal must be undertaken. Seeking tree removal Brentwood services might play a vital role in safeguarding the removal process.   Before anyone undertakes the tree removal, there is a need to understand the state of your trees at the moment. Focusing on the best fit tree removal method will enhance the success and offer safety to the one spearheading the task. There are effective methods that can be adopted to improve tree removal. The listed are some common service types that you need to beware of while undertaking tree removal.


While it is the most common method, several individuals are advised to go after this to minimize expenses. Tree felling is considered a traditional method; however, it is effective. This method can be manually undertaken through the use of an ax as well as a chainsaw mechanism. One should cut the tree from the base and determine the perfect tree landing spot. Controlling the tree direction is challenging and you are advised to seek help if you haven’t experienced tree cutting before. This is due to the core damages that can be brought alongside the wrong fall. If the tree falls in the wrong direction, you can be sure to spend a lot more dealing with damaged structures or neighbors’ property. According to missouri.edu, tree felling is a cheaper means. You can be sure to find aid anytime you need the help provided you seek professional aid.


The other standard method of Tree removal Brentwood that can be put into action is felling. Most people who wish to undertake tree removal in Brentwood have opted for this method due to its positive results. Just as the name suggests, climbing involves moving up the tree and chopping the branches. The tree is removed through sections where units are drawn first to reduce the size. This method is advantageous simply because you can handle the process alone, and you can have an insight into dealing with the remaining trunks. You can also minimize damages as small pieces are easier to handle than a large compacted tree. A rigging cable should be used to climb the tree to avoid injuries. The three parts can be removed from top to down, and thus you can have control of the process. It may be time-consuming; however, it is the best fit for trees that are grown in areas where the property lies.

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