Tips from LA Employment Lawyer on What to Do if Your Employers Harasses You Unduly

There are many forms of harassment at the workplace. It is easier to handle employee-to-employee harassment but very difficult if it’s coming from your employers. Your employer can habitually speak hurtful words against you or continuously make negative comments about your gender, color, or disability before the other workers. 

Harassment is equal to breaking human rights laws and you have a right to take further steps against the employer. The following advice will help you. 

Do not overreact 

Facing workplace harassment consistently can make you build anger and want to burst out against your employers. You may decide to create an unpleasant scene at the workplace and shout abusive words in anger. 

The situation will just become worse and you may cause yourself more trouble. You should try your best to stay calm as you consider the legal options available for you. 

Keep a record of incidences

Any accusation brought before a court of law relies on evidence if the prosecution is to win your case. Your LA employment lawyer will ask you if you have any evidence you can provide. 

If there is a way you can have your phone ready to record harassment incidents, it might serve as evidence. If it’s not possible to record on the phone, write some notes on what happened or harassment incidents including the day and time they happen. 

Secretly gather witnesses

To prove that you are not accusing your employer maliciously, the court may want you to present witnesses. Your Los Angeles workers’ rights lawyer will also advise you to get a few witnesses to help give the case greater weight. 

As the incidents occur, talk to a few trusted workmates and ask them to be your witnesses. You will remain keen on any incidences of harassment against you and save them as evidence.

Contact an employment lawyer

Employment lawyers are experienced in matters of employment starting from claims, injury, harassment, and so on. Your employer might dismiss you and refuse to compensate you with anything. Your worker’s compensation lawyer Long Beach will know how to handle the case. 

Have all the necessary evidence with you and the details of the employers involved in the harassment. Talk with your witnesses and let them know you are taking the case further so that they will be ready with their witnesses when called upon. 

Report to a senior person in the company

There could be a senior person in the company who is not involved in the harassment. It could be the company chairperson, the founder, or the CEO. Look for a convenient time and let them know about the harassment, then wait to see if they will take any action. If no action is taken, it will be your right to seek further help from a lawyer or a human rights body. 

Have you been unduly harassed by your employer? Legal help available 

The law forbids employers from harassing employees or discriminating against them based on sex, nationality, color, or even physical appearance. You have a right to seek legal help or report any undue harassment incidents against you. If you are faced with undue harassment from your employers, we are ready to help you. Contact us on (562) 526-1224.

PI Attorney in NYC: Can You Sue COVID Vaccine Makers Over Side Effects?

A PI attorney in NYC may not suggest suing companies that made the COVID vaccines. The reason for this is that the federal government has granted them immunity from liability if side effects emerge. 

Can You Hire a PI Attorney in NYC to Sue the FDA for Authorizing COVID Vaccines for Emergency Use? 

You can hire a personal injury lawyer but the attorney will just tell you that you can’t sue the FDA if you experience serious side effects because of the COVID vaccine. 

You also can’t hold your employers accountable for mandating inoculation. 

One reason is that before the manufacturers agreed to create COVID vaccines, they asked the government to protect them from multi-million-dollar lawsuits. COVID-19 vaccine was developed and cleared to be used in eight months. It’s one reason some people are hesitant to get the vaccine. 

Many Americans don’t want to get vaccinated. The reason is that they have a huge trust issue with the vaccine. However, the makers assured the public that the vaccines were developed without shortcuts. 

The legal immunity of pharmaceutical companies won’t just protect them against lawsuits but the immunity allows them to lower the cost of their immunizations. If the government won’t protect them, the manufacturers could just increase the price per person per dose. 

Now, you might think that since the FDA approved the vaccines, you can sue the FDA. Not so fast, though. You can’t sue the US government if you experience the side effects of the COVID vaccine. The reason for this is that the government has sovereign immunity. In other words, you can’t hold the government responsible for any injuries sustained because of the COVID vaccine. 

Suing Your Boss for Requiring the Vaccine 

When your employers require a vaccine, it’s a health safety work rule. 

If your workforce is unionized, your employers will need to negotiate with the union before they can mandate a vaccine. 

If you don’t want to be vaccinated because of some medical issues, you can request an exemption. You can also opt-out if you think that the vaccine is a violation of your religious belief. 

On the other hand, if you can’t fit into those exemptions, you can still file for worker’s compensation. That is if you suffer debilitating side effects after your employers mandate employees to get inoculated. 

Unfortunately, there are limits or caps on the damages that an employee can pay. Furthermore, it can be difficult to prove that your employers are liable for your situation. 

But there’s still a way for you to get the compensation that you deserve after suffering from COVID vaccine side effects. 

The government created a way for individuals to recover some damages if they suffer from debilitating side effects from the COVID vaccine. 

Talk to a PI Lawyer 

If you get serious injuries because of the COVID vaccine, you can still get the compensation that you need. Talk to our able and skillful PI attorney in NYC at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP. Schedule a free consultation today by dialing  1-800-660-2264.  

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Personal Injury Lawyer in New York Recommends Doing this After a Truck Accident

Millions of trucks operate across the US. Unfortunately, many of them are driven by overworked drivers. With many drivers on highways in NY, it only takes one overworked truck driver to ruin your life. If you are involved in a truck accident, hiring a personal injury lawyer in New York becomes vital

personal injury lawyer
A personal injury lawyer can help with dealing with a truck accident.

Personal Injury Lawyer in New York Strongly Advises Calling the Police

Following a truck crash, it’s normal to feel confused. You might not know what to do. 

But you have to gather your thoughts and ensure that you call the police and emergency assistance immediately. It’s especially true if you have injuries or burns. Upon arrival at the scene, the police will take notes and statements from all involved parties. If there are witnesses, they’ll also interview them. 

As part of their accident report, they take photos. If you can, you may also take photos and get as many photos as possible of the damage to your car and the injuries you sustained.  The photos you took can help in your case because they can be used to supplement the police’s notes. 

Who is Liable for Your Losses? 

The truck driver and the truck company may deny fault or liability for the crash. For that reason, it’s pertinent to hire a personal injury lawyer so you can properly file a suit to recover compensation for your injuries sustained in the accident. 

Our truck accident lawyers at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP are deeply familiar with the insurance companies’ tactics to reduce the compensation you deserve. When you choose us to be your personal injury lawyer, we start working right away to examine every aspect of your case. 

Our lawyers may review camera footage if it’s available to determine the extent of the damage. They will also interview witnesses and review the accident reports from the police. 

The lawyers will also perform the following tasks: 

  • Interview the medical staff who treated you
  • Analyze your medical records
  • Talk to experts who can reconstruct the accident scene 
  • Preserve evidence 

These aren’t the only tasks that our lawyers at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP will carry out. Others not listed here will be performed when necessary. Our lawyers will help you get the compensation that you deserve. But what type of compensation is available? 

Determining the Compensation After a Truck Accident 

The compensation you will get will depend on the extent of the accident. 

However, it’s common that the liable party will cover the current medical expenses, future medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, mental anguish, loss of consortium, and pain and suffering. 

Now, if the defendant’s actions that resulted in injury were reckless or fraudulent, punitive damages can be applied to the case. This will punish the offender and prevent the liable party from committing similar behavior in the future. 

Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer Now 

You should not delay in contacting a personal injury lawyer in New York. Call Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP for a free consultation at 1-800-660-2264