Make Your Mark with Mack Sennett studios Conference Center in Los Angeles

Hosting a business conference takes a lot of responsibility, and yet it also offers up plenty of opportunities to make a good impression. If you want your hard work to be noticed, you have to wow your bosses and colleagues by booking a conference center space in Los Angeles that is both unexpected and extremely inviting. When you hire space at Mack Sennett Studios, you can get a taste of the glamorous life, and show your colleagues how to really make the most of a work conference.

photo shoot space

A Golden Age Studio Space for You

For a conference space which has more than just the standard four white walls, try some of the amazing spaces available at our unique property. Hailing from an era in Hollywood that many people in LA wish they were in, these spaces create a sense of glamour and style that are often missing from more formal conference chambers. By hiring out these spaces, you can make a big impression on your company, and will make the conference one of the most memorable in your business’s history.

Professional and High-Quality

Of course, Mack Sennett’s traditional buildings and old-world style would be nothing without a high sense of professionalism from their staff. Since developing the building to its current standards, they have been host to a large number of events, ranging from premiers and festivals to wedding parties and conferences. You can rent out one of their stages for your event, depending upon which size will suit you best. Working with them will make your day go very well, and your conference will be much more pleasurable with their teams helping you. Simply organize your day with them, and let their experience and knowledge make your conference much easier to organize.

Book with Them Today

Mack Sennett Studios has risen quickly in the world of Event Venues in LA, and they are now a popular location for many people who want somewhere unusual to host their party or start their event. If you are hoping to make use of them as the location for your conference, then you need to book with them today. Mack Sennett’s Conference center service for Los Angeles business is available for a variety of different companies, from small to large, so start working with them today to make your event go well. Contact them online today, or call them at 323-660-8466 now.

The Importance of a Financial Advisory Service

Depending on where you grew up, financial health can mean something completely different from person to person. For the majority of the world, financial health is a foreign concept, seeing that most people live under the poverty line or barely scrape by.

However, there has never been a more pressing time to seek a financial advisory service than now. The divorce rate is picking up, and more mothers tend to parent alone. More often than not, they find themselves in situations where they need to live in a less than friendly environment or overwork themselves to support the family.

The impact on the youth

Unfortunately, the biggest victims of an unhealthy financial situation are always the children. They don’t have the means to fend for themselves and are reliant on their parent or parents. Seeing that there is one less income to rely on, the parent often needs to find extra work, and in the end, the child suffers.

If there is one thing that I am grateful for, it is that I never grew up thinking that the status of my bank balance, or the car that I drove, or the house that I lived in determined my value as a human being. We didn’t have much and my parents often had to make sacrifices to pay the bills. However, they never lived above their means and they made time for us.

Today, fewer people are as lucky as I was. The stats are not improving. The number of single moms has increased threefold over the last three decades. Close to 70% of those moms don’t even have $1000 in non-retirement savings.

The members of these households are much more likely to suffer from physical ill health due to continuous financial stress. Ultimately, this stress could lead to impaired cognitive development and lacking social skills. The result is poor academic performance and the cycle of ill financial health continues.

How do you turn it around?

As I mentioned earlier, I never grew up thinking that material possessions were the things that defined me as a person. Unfortunately, the world sells success as a fat bank balance and more stuff than you need. Whenever you party hard in your new designer wear and flashy car, you have it made (or you are up to your eyeballs in debt).

This type of thinking leads to poverty and bad financial decisions. Trying to keep up with the Jones’s is always going to leave you one step behind. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to realize that your worth does not lie in the amount of money you have.

Today, I live a simple life. I can’t say that I have the newest car on the market or that I live in one of the mansions on the hill. I still have my problems, but money is not one of them. It’s not that I have more of it than I know how to spend; I just manage what I have to the best of my ability.

actual cash account

My wife and kids know that we will never be rich, but they also know is that they are taken care of and that they don’t need to worry about their basic needs. They don’t need to wonder where their next meal is coming from or where they are going to stay next month. The secret to my financial health is contentment.

Putting it into practice

I am not going to say that it is always easy, but being content is the one thing that keeps me from chasing things that I know will put me in a tight spot financially. I make a value assessment of anything that I want to buy and determine if it is something that I really need or if it is a want. As soon as I can make that distinction, the rest is easy.

My wife and I were in a tight spot a couple of years back and we decided to get our acts together. We cut our budget to the bone and started from zero. The first step was to pay off all our debt and clear the credit cards. From there we started to put some money away each month until we had an emergency fund ready.

Balance is key, so although we saved our money, we also made space for the odd splurge. However, when it is a calculated splurge, you know where your boundaries are and that keeps you from overspending.

We still don’t have all that much, but we know that our kids are looked after and all of us sleep sound in the evenings, knowing we don’t have to worry about money.


I know there are plenty of people who have dug themselves out of a nasty hole and built a healthy financial life because of it. Share your story below and feel free to give a couple of pointers. Who knows, maybe you can give a financial advisory service to someone who has a financial burden?

Suit-And-Tie for That Class Act

Not so long ago, wearing a suit and tie would have been considered borderline boring. Not so anymore. George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, and countless other male icons have gone and made it fashionable again.

They button the jacket with the middle button and loosen it when they sit down. People love that. It’s the formal-and-freedom look that co-exists inexorably and made so thrillingly easy with guys like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and Trevor Noah. Suit and tie may be network code, but it still looks terrific.

Know how to tie a tie?

The biggest bugbear about the tie is that few men knew how to tie a tie! It used to come out looking like it had been mangled in a dishwasher. And the knot was the subject of many a giggle. Get someone to show you how to do this properly, and you’ll never look back. For many people, if you type “how to” into Google, it’ll auto correct to “how to tie a tie.”

What are the newest trends that you’ll see with suit-and-tie?

  • Sneakers and suits

Not just any old sneakers mind you. Additionally, these are not the kind that you would have worn to the gym.

  • No socks

Looking at the guests on the prime-time talk shows lately? They’re all wearing shoes without socks. Great if you have good ankles and ankles without blisters.

  • The big stretch

You are now seeing denim and chinos that stretch, previously the domain of women.

  • Coloring in the way ahead

There’s a new spin on the standard workplace blue suit. A bright blue suit is a must-have color.

  • Mix ‘n Match

Whereas in the past, the suit ensemble was bought as one item, now different items are purchased at different places, mixing and matching as to how the buyer sees fit.

  • No bar to this item

The tie bar has surged in popularity. However, caution is needed with a tie bar. Wearing the tie-bar incorrectly will create a faux pas. The three main factors to remember: correct placement, correct size/width, proper angle and color. Remember, if you’re wearing a waistcoat you never wear a tie bar as well!


Black waistcoat

  • The semi-formal look

If you’re going for a vintage look, a grey suit, shirt and tie combination with charcoal grey and a black waistcoat is a good mix.

Then, you get the semi-formal look which combines shirt and ties with black denim or stretch and no jacket. What you must do as a rule of thumb is plan for the occasion – whether it is at a workplace, dinner date, wedding or any other kind of occasion.

It makes a world of difference in mixing the right combinations for what will be most useful. Pattern, textile and color design all play their roles, and it’s best to try and not get them mixed up. If so, it could inadvertently look like a mess. That’s not the look you’re going for. “Magnifique” is the look you’re going for.

Improve Your Well Being with Relational-Cultural Therapy

As you go through life, you may feel more and more disconnected from the world around you. You have a hard time forging friendships, making commitments to relationships, and even connecting with family members like your parents, siblings, or cousins. This disconnect can leave you feeling lonely, depressed, and can cause issues like social anxiety or problems with your self-esteem. You may not know just where you can turn to help you with this problem or if there is anything you can do so you start to feel better about life around you. There are ways available that can be a big help to you, including coming to Grazel Garcia Therapy to take part in the relational-cultural therapy sessions that they offer.

Understanding This Type of Therapy

You may not be familiar with this particular form of therapy and what it can do to help you. Started in the 1970’s, Relational-Cultural theory has been embraced actively by many mental health professionals today. The method puts forth the idea that the relationships in your life act as both an indicator and a healing mechanism where your mental health is concerned. Many individuals come to see themselves as unlovable, unacceptable, or unlikable. This self-image is projected in how they relate to others, negatively influencing and even sabotaging the relationships in their life. The therapeutic approach looks to change this attitude and way of thinking.

How Therapy Can Help

Relational-Cultural therapy can help you in many ways. The therapy works with you to help you create and maintain relationships where both parties involved feel that they matter. As you discover how to feel better about yourself, gain greater insight, and feel more energetic and have a zest for life, you will want to engage in more relationships. You will work to overcome any anxiety you feel so that you can create and foster greater friendships and personal relationships, making you happier overall. Group therapy sessions can be a big help to you as learn to understand more about yourself, feel better about yourself, and work to form stronger bonds and friendships.

relational-cultural therapy

Join Therapy Groups

If you are interested in learning more about relational-cultural therapy and how it can help you, please reach out to Grazel Garcia Therapy. They offer a variety of therapy options, including a healthy relationships group that can assist you in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships in all facets of your life. You can get more information on Grazel Garcia Therapy website about these services, or you can phone their office at (323) 487-9003 to ask questions and book an initial session with a therapist so you can begin to improve your well-being and relationships in life.

In case you have any questions about their services or would like to make an inquiry in writing before making an appointment using their online forms, you can send them a message or email to and they will get back to you as soon as possible.